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Wholesale Telecom DIDXchange ComptelPlus March 2014 Media Partner in Las Vegas

DIDX, also known as DIDXchange, is back at Comptel Plus Convention & Expo, but this time, in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 16 - 20, 2014 as a publicity sponsor and exhibitor with the world's most future-thinking telecommunications companies.

DIDX, also known as DIDXchange, is back at Comptel Plus Convention & Expo, but this time, in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 16 - 20, 2014 as a publicity sponsor and exhibitor. The world's most future-thinking wholesale telecommunications companies (over 25,000) have chosen DIDX to buy and sell direct inward dialing phone numbers and session initiation protocol trunks. Several members have already signed on to Comptel Plus to exhibit at the Expo, sponsor the Convention and/or present on crucial communications and technology topics. Wireless, mobile, incumbent, independent and competitive local exchange carriers will welcome discussion, collaboration, and business development at ComptelPlus.

Industry experts such as Windstream's Jeff Gardner and Atlantic-ACM's Fedor Smith are the major keynote speakers. Conference workshops and panels will debate and provide new insight on FCC reforms, new opportunities for service providers, leveraging the cloud, cable wholesale, software defined networking, and 100G's impact and transaction on networks.

DIDX is a globally known wholesale DID marketplace. It also works with the industry's most popular and 'must-attend' events as a media partner such as CommunicAsia, Connected Cars Europe and America, ITEXPO, PTC, CTIA Wireless, and ComptelPlus. Listen to DIDX's IP communications and technologies audio podcasts on iTunes, with movers and shakers Verizon, Credo Wireless, H2O Communications, Telinta, The BBC, Amazon Audible and more. DIDX will document more innovation with its participation as media partner for ComptelPlus 2014 in Las Vegas March 16, 20, 2014.

DIDX representatives Suzanne Bowen, Kristina Nellums and CEO Rehan Allahwala welcome visitors at Comptel Plus Spring 2014 booth 608 to discuss current successes and issues in telecommunications and unified and cloud communications' direct inward dialing services. DIDX showcases special offers for Comptel Plus participants, who would like to take advantage of wholesale DID sales.

"We truly look forward to meeting face to face with our current and potential clients and vendors at ComptelPlus. Once all return to the 'office,' count on our 24/7 NOC support through live chat, different VoIP clients, and a user-friendly ticketing system. We have toll free numbers available from many countries in the world. Participants in DIDXchange can have a buyer account and seller account and can transfer credits from the seller account to pay the fees on the buyer account. The LNP portal has been recently upgraded and includes availability to port USA, France, UK, Canada, and Turkey DID phone numbers," Muneeb Iqbal, COO at DIDX, noted.

Current countries' DID phone numbers available on the DIDXchange include those in North and South America of Canada, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, USA, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, and Iceland. DIDs are also available in Asia and Australia area to include Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Israel, and China. Europe and Russia area DIDs are available in Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Hungary, Holy See Vatican City State, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Ireland, Finland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Africa DIDs are available in Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria. DIDXchange is a service of Super Technologies, Inc., based in Pensacola Beach, Florida area since 1999.

"Comptel Plus brings together solid, traditional telecommunications with new and innovative enablers. Vendors who provide services and products that can assist service providers to more completely serve and please their wholesale or business and consumer users are welcome! In every walk of life, people and their organizations need flexibility, mobility, scalability and new ways to work and play more effectively. End users want exciting services they hear about such as unified communications, WebRTC, opportunities to own local DID phone numbers from places other than where they are physically at, and the benefits of technologies such as M2M. Wholesale and resale service providers and vendors are the ones who make all of this happen. Network with them next week in Las Vegas at ComptelPlus," Suzanne Bowen (Super Technologies, Inc. co-founder) stated.

For more information about DIDXchange, a service of Super Technologies, Inc. since 1999, visit To participate in Comptel Plus Spring Las Vegas, Nevada from March 16 - 20, 2014, visit DIDXchange booth number is 608 at Comptel Plus.

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