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What You Should Be Doing to Market Your Business to the U.S. Gov't

Government contracting is not easy. Many try and more fail. Having an experienced and battle tested partner like nu century will not only increase your chances but puts you in direct contact with those in the Government that buy what you sell.

Nu century, is a small business that specializes in helping other businesses get set up and maximize its government contracting efforts. We have over 1500 clients to date and have been in business since 2010. Through our marketing efforts over the last four years we have helped our clients sell more than 610 million worth of products and services to the United States Government.

Our approach is unique in the sense that we are not traditional marketers. We rely on data. We have spent years combing through the governments on and off line data sets to come up with a stand alone tool that cuts down the time to find opportunities and target contacts.

Government spending makes up one-fifth of the US economy. With the right marketing techniques, you can get Uncle Sam to spend some of that money with you.

All companies, no matter their size or what they sell, can add the US government to their client list and enjoy guaranteed revenue.

The most important thing for companies to understand is that it is a very different market. It takes a lot of learning. But if you're willing to learn, sky's the limit.

[] Here are some things to do to help build your brand's awareness:

Know who buys what you offer

Finding opportunities

Campaign Tracking/Forecasting

Online Marketing/Blogging

Direct Mail

Pay Per Click


The Message


How they Buy

Agency mission and goals


Website content

Social media

Email Marketing




Our Government Marketing Data will give you the competitive edge you need to be able to take your business down the road of Government contract and Succeed.

See our link below on what our data can do for you.

Also, if you would like an overview of what we can do for you please contact us.

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