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What Is The Modern Day Parent's Present Buying Strategy For Christmas?

When it comes to Christmas shopping, there's no doubt consumers are looking for new ideas to delight loved ones.

When it comes to Christmas shopping, there's no doubt consumers are looking for new ideas to delight loved ones. Whether it's the latest tech gadget or hot new children's toy that can't be found for love nor money, the public's demand for innovative, useful new products is fuelling the enormous choice available on the retail shelves today.

Manufacturers are working faster than ever before to create and commercialise exciting new products to keep up with demand, even during these uncertain economic times. However, there's something reassuring, especially at Christmas time to have reminders of a past gone era or things that remind us of the simpler pleasures in life. Whether it's those extra special Christmas decorations that adorn the Christmas tree year after year or the rituals the family repeat on Christmas Eve handed down from the last generation, we take comfort and peace from surrounding ourselves with familiar old favourite things, amongst all the glitz, glamour and excitement of the modern day Christmas.

In the 21st century, many parents want to achieve a balance of toys under the Christmas tree that will cater to a variety of their child's needs. From technical gadgetry, to educational toys and books, to products that will encourage outdoor pursuits and fitness, with parents spending on average around £312 per year, it's no surprise that parent's present buying strategy will addresses multiple trends and interests for their children.

It seems there will always be a place for old fashioned toys that continue to top the favourites list year after year. There are claims by parents that say fad toys keep kids entertained for less than a week. Whether its role play toys from toy kitchens, dress up clothes and dolls house to the traditional comfort toys like teddy bears and ragdolls that become a cherished companions for many years to come, the old fashioned favourites still play a very important role in the modern day Christmas.

With less than five weeks until Christmas, frazzled parents with shopping lists as long as their arm need help to navigate their way to toys that will be loved, last the distance and are multi-functional. For parents looking for traditional toys with a twist, keeping an eye out for the Intelex's Groups' heatable toy products will provide a great source of inspiration for children's Christmas gifts this year. From heatable Bagpuss® slippers and toys, to the warmable Warmheart® Ragdolls, Cozy Plush™ pets and Hooty™ owls and many more. The Intelex products can be found in all good independent retailers, including Cargo, New Look, Debenhams, River Island and Lakeland to name just a few. Visit the Intelex website today for inspiration.

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