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What Is An IT Dream Team? EON Systems, Inc.

EON Systems, Inc. has been selected as a finalist for the 2013 BizTech Innovation Awards in the IT Dream Team category. This award is sponsored by the Tampa Bay Business Journal and the Tampa Bay Technology Forum.

EON Systems is proud to be one of only three companies to be finalists for the IT Dream Team Award. The standard was based around their IT team meeting a crisis event, providing long-term solutions and practical innovation. EON Systems was selected for this honor by measuring up in this category through its creation of fine software that not only meets the needs of electronic health records' certification, but provides functionality for healthcare providers so they can get more done.

In the vanguard since 1988, EON Systems provides software for health care providers that includes full practice management facilities from patient sign-in to billing, scheduling, electronic health records, patient notes, and documentation exchange and storage. The full suite is called The Digital Office.

For the last 25 years, EON has been helping private practices. So, when the Electronic Health Record deadlines were looming, the company stepped in, programmed the software accordingly and were awarded EHR certification. As Derek Greenwood, founder and CEO of EON Systems, describes the task, "We had to create incredibly powerful and customizable software to handle Patient Electronic Health Records, implement over 30 new government regulations, do it inexpensively so that the doctors could afford it and do it on an impossible time frame."

This is more complex than it seems. Health care practitioners are diverse in scope of practice so the software had to be as well. Then, it had to continue EON's guiding principle of supporting the practitioner administratively so the doctor has more time to help people. And from the doctor's point of view, EON Systems kept it simple.

The Federal Government had estimated that it would cost each practitioner about $55,000.00 to implement the requirements. EON Systems created a package where a single practitioner and administrator could be up and running for around a fifth of that sum. It works for fields as diverse as Pediatrics, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic. The company is pleased to note that certification was awarded on the initial application.

One user, Dr. Guy Yves Pelchat D.C. states, "Going for the EHR incentive was a no-brainer as I was almost already there. The financial incentive made the set-up well worth it. Using The Digital Office has streamlined our office. We can see more patients with less staff and reduced office overhead, and it has a bottom line return."

EON Systems offers The Digital Office combining The Practice Solution™ (full-featured practice management & billing software), Documentor™ (documentation software) and Document Solution™ (document management and storage). Each are available separately, so that the solution can be implemented as the practice grows. The software is suitable for Pediatrics, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Chinese Medicine and multi-disciplinary practices.

Please direct questions about EON's software to info@eonsystems.net, call 800-955-6448 or visit www.eonsystems.net.

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