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Chisholms Trail Leather, a leader in Western leather holsters, cowboy belts and knife sheaths, has introduced their own line of Made in the USA historically accurate Western belt buckles and Western jewelry. "I want to support America," said Soellner

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Chisholm's Trail began casting their own Western belt buckles, conchos and Western jewelry because of the lack of quality available and the hardware companies discontinuing the old styles used in their leather businesses. As a result, Donna and Alan Soellner of Chisholm's Trail decided to produce a line of authentic, historic Western belt buckles and Western jewelry products that were hand cast "made in USA." They looked at what was available and could not find any good items currently made in the USA. So...they made it.

They found their niche by discovering original Western movie and authentic Old West buckles and Western jewelry to reproduce. The Soellners have gone to considerable time and expense to obtain the most historically accurate Western belt buckles and Western jewelry items to serve as models for their craft. They routinely travel to the Old West in America, touring obscure museums for inspriation.

All Chisholm's Trail leather products are stamped "Made in USA". Unless specified otherwise, all buckles have "Chisholm's Trail © USA" cast into the reverse side. The Chisholm's Trail foundry casts virgin yellow brass (gold tone) and white bronze (silver tone). They also now offer their signature "Gunsmoke" © old nickel finish that makes the buckle or piece of jewelry look like the finish on a hundred year old Colt Single Action Army pistol.

Castings can be in solid Silver color or in Gold color. Metals are not coated with lacquer since some people might want to antique them. If the surface begins to darken, Alan Soellner advises that people use silver or brass polish and rub, which will restore the original luster.

Alan Soellner's viewpoint is that in the days of the Old West, if something felt heavy in your hand, it indicated quality. Chisholm's Trail buckles are heavy. The description with each buckle will indicate if it will accept a belt width up to 1-1/2" or 1- ¾". Most men's blue jeans will accept up to a 1 ¾" belt. Chisholm's Trail has several rare 2" inside diameter buckles such as the one worn by Tommy Lee Jones as Texas Ranger Woodrow Call.

Each buckle comes in an Old West appearing rawhide colored jewelry box with the Chisholm's Trail label. The inside is filled with white non-tarnishing polyester fiber. All buckles are sealed in a zip top plastic heavy weight jewelry bag. A description of the history of the buckle is included. Wholesale prices are available with orders of over ten pieces, mix and match. Shipping is additional.

Some of the Western collectable belt buckles currently produced include the first historical reproductions in the World of Geronimo's buckle and the Western buckle worn by Doc Holliday in the recent movie "The Legend of Hell's Gate." Also available are buckles worn by Clint Eastwood in "Outlaw Josey Wales" and Dukes Red River D buckle. Chisholm Trail's signature "Gunfighter" buckle is available, Wild Bill Hickok's military buckle and Charlie Utter's Gold Rush buckle from Deadwood, South Dakota. Clint Eastwood's buckle from the "Fist Full of Dollars" movie is also available. An original 1-½" engraved buckle called the "Durango," and a 1- ¾" one called the "Santa Fe," is for sale. Gus McCrae's Texas Star buckle from "Lonesome Dove," can be had, and soon, Alan Ladd's Western belt buckle from "Shane," will be produced in Sterling Silver.

In addition to buckles and jewelry, Alan and Donna produce some of the most authentic historic custom Western leather holsters and Western leather belts available today. Yearly, they travel to historic locations in the West and examine original Western holsters, Western gun belts, conchos, cowboy equipment, knife sheaths, rifle scabbards, leather hatbands, leather cartridge belts, and leather spur straps.

ChisholmsTrailLeather provides historically accurate holsters, belts, Western belt buckles and other cowboy apparel to the movies: the bad guys' holster and belts in "3:10 to Yuma," Val Kilmer's holsters, belts and buckles in an upcoming western entitled "Doc Holliday," and even Miley Cyrus' Western holsters, belts and belt buckles for her current world tour and others. See ChisholmsTrailLeather in the movies on their website.

Alan & Donna Soellner

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