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Online buyers need facts, tips and guidance while buying from online stores and offers total information to help them make an informed decision. launched an updated website exclusively focusing on reviews of products and online stores to help buyers make an informed decision and get the best deal in the process.

"Online stores are mushrooming and online shopping is convenient, quick and easy. However, buyers may have issues such as prices and online store policies. Buyers also look for information about products and wish to know which one to select. is the one online place to get detailed information about online shops, online shopping and products through actual reviews," said a spokesman announcing the launch of this site that would provide useful, practical guidance.

"Suppose someone wants to buy a digital camera but there are many brands in one price segment. Which one should be choose? provides unbiased reviews of different brands in a price segment. A buyer can compare features and prices and view independent reviews of users too that should help in deciding which one to choose," he went on.

Then we have online stores each with its set of policies and prices. The same product may be priced differently across online stores. Here at buyers can find out prevailing prices of one product on different webstores and decide from which one to buy. He can evaluate critical issues such as payment methods, returns policies, discounts, vouchers offered, guarantees and so on that are integral to the buying process and then decide on a store that offers the best overall deal," he elaborated on the features of this incomparable review site.

"While there are quite a few such online review sites abroad, the situation is different in India. We fill this lacuna and aim to be the best and most informative site that online shoppers can turn to in order to gain valuable guidance. Since we are not affiliated with any store or products, we are able to offer unbiased, honest opinions and facts," he stated, explaining one of the features of the website.

"We aim to take it a step further. From time to time some online stores announce special time limited offers. However, due to lack of knowledge, buyers are not able to take advantage or assess the pros and cons of such deals. Here at buyers can access such information and remain updated, able to grab deals as soon as they are announced," he went on.

"Not only do you get the latest reviews on products and online stores but you also get access to wealth of information on smart shopping and how to get the best bargain when shopping online," stated the spokesman. "Online shopping is new to India and many people will be buying for the first time. They need to know the ins and outs of checking for secure payment methods. They need to know about reliability and trustworthiness of sites and their policies. We educate and inform through this unique website for Indian shoppers."

"We are sure our site will help improve the online shopping experience for online buyers and also motivate online shops to do better and aim for a better user experience," he concluded.

About: is a newly launched website with its owners having professional marketing and IT experience. Based in Delhi, the website covers all India markets with focus on Indian online shopping. Visit their website for details.

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