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Website Audits Made Simple With Automated SEO Program and Link Building Tool

Helping business owners make smart Search Engine Optimization decisions, Link Emperor automatically finds keyword opportunities and offers link building services from the proven backlink providers.

Search Engine Optimization often entails a lot of complicated work in order to rank at the top of search engine results. As a result, most website owners who want to rank high on Google engage and hire SEO services from highly trained, knowledgeable professionals.

Using a variety of smart strategies and a powerful backlink builder tool, Link Emperor is able to provide professional SEO results for its clients. The service is a brainchild of Bobby brings years of SEO experience to the table, and Kevin, a Harvard-trained computer scientist. Bobby and Kevin are the guys behind Gangster Profit, the business show that has helped hundreds of Internet marketers get better. Notably, the duo has driven more than $1.7 million in sales to their own online business portfolio using Link Emperor, and before releasing it to the public.

"People who use Link Emperor have been extremely impressed with the results they've found," attest Bobby and Kevin. "We constantly help people break onto the first page of Google results or attain the No. 1 ranking for the keyword they've been targeting. In aggregate, our sites tend to go up in ranking every month that we are actively focused on link building."

Link Emperor helps make SEO decisions for clients based on the keyword opportunities it finds. The automated service then uses a high quality backlink system to build more links to the best keywords based on traffic available. Making world-class SEO "so dead simple", Link Emperor is easy to operate so that any average person can use it - not just an SEO guru.

Link Emperor is filled with features that make it a must-have for every website owner who wants an automated tool to manage, rotate and prioritize keywords. It also allows for dynamic link building adjustment over time using an ingenious algorithm. Another turnkey feature is a built-in software program that does SEO website audits instantly for all pages and sites entered into the system.

To find out more about the breakthrough automated SEO system with link building and website audit capabilities, please visit for information.

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