WebMeUp Backlink Tools Becomes the World's Largest Index of External Links, Therefore Removing the Beta Label and Getting a Pricetag

WebMeUp Backlink Tool ( http://webmeup.com/backlinks/ ) is no longer a free service, since it is now the world's biggest link index, the company's spokesperson announced on Monday, April 28.

WebMeUp Backlink Tool has been looked skeptically upon since its launch in 2013. However with a 15-billion-links-per-day growth it has quickly outgrown its competitors to become the biggest index of external links available to public.

To date, the index counts over 897 billion links and it keeps growing. It is now the biggest index as compared to the 700+ billion links of Ahrefs, the former leader of the backlink research niche.

"We were excited to pass the 800 billion mark as this immediately made us the leading tool in link count. Couple this with great analytics and fantastic, clear cut interface with bright visuals and convenient browsing, and what you have is the new star in the backlink research niche." says Alexandra Shkalikova, WebMeUp's Marketing Director.

"We are yet to add lots of cool stats, views and number-tweaking, but what we can offer today is a brilliant, stable product we're really proud of. SEOs will appreciate the amounts of links we are providing, and the price which is significantly lower than what they're used to", continues Alexandra.

Backlinks remain the cornerstone of website promotion, and with Google getting stricter about link quality every day, the ability to find detailed information about a website's link profile may be a decisive factor for the visitor flow of a website and for the success of an online business.

*Where is it available*

WebMeUp Backlink Tool is available on the website at http://webmeup.com/backlinks/

All users can run a free unlimited time trial of the features and order a paid subscription, prices starting at $59.

The help manual for WebMeUp's external backlink checker is also in progress and will be available for users soon.

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