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Webinar & Seminar on The Sunshine Act Reporting for Clinical Trials

Payments made to clinical investigators participating in clinical trials need to be disclosed to CMS under the Sunshine Act provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, generally referred to as Obamacare.

Complianz World is a US based company, and a leading GRC training provider has announced to conduct online training & Webinar on The Sunshine Act Reporting for Clinical Trials.

The Sunshine Act exposes the physicians and sponsors to new reporting requirements which are unprecedented in their scope and detail noncompliance to which would lead to hefty fines.

This webinar will summarize the new requirements and provide practical solutions to most common situations that are prevalent and necessary between sponsors and investigators.

Templates for reporting format, acceptable accounting practices, exemptions to reporting requirements, and time-lines for compliance and enforcement will be discussed.

This Clinical Trials webinar would also assist sponsors and investigators to develop standard practices to meet federal requirements.

This webinar will discuss the disclosure requirements for clinical investigators under the Sunshine Act. It will discuss the details of the processes; provide templates for reporting formats; and timelines for reporting.

Course Outline:
Clinical trial financial reporting requirements
Kind of payments covered and exempted for reporting to CMS
Format of reporting to CMS
Dealing with CMS's inquiries regarding reported information
Acceptable and Unacceptable practices
Comparison of Federal reporting requirements with Industry best practices
Legal and practical implications of reporting financial information for investigators
Regulatory solutions for most common anticipated issues with reporting.

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