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Weballigator: A Cloud ERP for SME's at a Huge Cost Saving

A cloud based ERP system that costs less than a telephone line!. At just Rs. 666 per month, Weballigator gives you 500 logins to an integrated system that includes CRM, Finance, HR, Payroll, a CV Database, and a host of other features.

An integrated Cloud ERP called Weballigator for SME's which costs less than a telephone line! offers Payroll, HR, CRM (Customer Relations Management) and Finance as well as a few more modules like free CV database and a Recruitment Management System (RMS), all integrated at Rs 7,999 per year (around 120 USD), the company's Co-Founder and CTO Dr. Joseph Rasquinha, said in a statement.

He a said a company can get 500 logins for this annual price, and the entire organisation can be run across all the modules. The entire system is self-customisable, so a Company can customise modules, control access, and create designations to their own needs. When this is compared to even a stand alone ERP, even on the cloud, the cost will be around 100 dollars or Rs. 5,000 (around 100 USD) per module for a month.

In the Weballigator system however, as it is on the cloud, there is no costly infrastructure like Computers or Servers and the subscribing Company can create logins for 500 of their staff, recruit from the firm's free CV database,and use the RMS to manage the recruitment process, he says.
"Our model seems to be making an impact, as we get hundreds of clients a day, across India, and this is phenomenal for an ERP product on the cloud', says Dr. Rasquinha, "Considering as a Cloud based system, you can use it anywhere in the World, even on your smartphone, without having expensive infrastructure and have high levels of security from US based secure servers, its a win-win situation for all, especially SME'ss" he says.

"There are over 700,000 companies in India and millions of companies internationally who don't have a system or pay too much for what they have. They are our target!. This is why we have kept our pricing with the reach of SME's," Company's Co-founder and CEO, Raju Monga Says.
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