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Let's face it: Today's economic climate doesn't make it easy to operate a successful business.

As customers clamor for lower prices, suppliers want higher markups, employees desire additional wages and investors demand more dividends, all this can drastically reduce the profit margins for business owners.The best way to ease the pressure and eliminate squeeze tactics is to increase productivity.

Easier said than done, right?

Not for companies that take a fresh look at their business practices. When a major corporation, let's call them ABC Industries, wanted to upgrade its systems from Windows XP to Windows 8, company leaders knew they would need smooth transition. However, with offices around the globe they needed a flexible system that would put the power into the hands of employees and make them responsible for their own learning while still maintaining the professional integrity and importance of the training program.

This company turned to SharePoint LMS to handle the job. With SharePoint LMS, business leaders appreciated being able to:

Have the option for employees to self-enroll in courses or automatically enroll specific groups.

Limit the maximum number of users per course.

Create a multi-language interface.

Specify the start and end dates of enrollment periods.

Track learner progress, results and course completion.

Create text templates for emails, enrollment confirmations, course reminders and other tasks.

Designate a waiting list when courses are full.

Monitor attendance.

Any technology company can create a training program that will educate employees. The difference is SharePoint LMS and its comprehensive slate of options allows companies to design training and e-learning programs that are best suited to its individual goals, unique processes and company needs. It's about flexibility, continuity and fluidity as much as it is about the actual learning goals.

Enrollment with SharePoint LMS is easy. Users simply visit the Registration & Enrollment Module, then navigate to the course catalog and join the courses available. Users can view course availability, enrollment periods, pricing and other selections.

Once employees have successfully enrolled, they join the Learner Home Page, which contains My Courses, My Waiting List and My Completed Course and more.

Companies of all sizes have a need to share learning materials with employees, be more productive and reserve resources. As they reflect upon their choices, more and more are turning to innovative e-learning solutions such as the SharePoint LMS.

Stop trying to piecemeal e-learning programs with outdated technology or spending wads of cash on expensive speakers. SharePoint LMS is available online at www.elearningforce.com.

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