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We offer cashless treatment to those covered under the health schemes . Having tie-up with major TPAs appointed by all insurance companies. ISRO, ONGC, TPAS etc

The Sardana prime Eye Institute, one in all the distinguished urban focus principally based symptomatic and surgical focuses giving a wide run of expert eye forethought benefits and medicine of waterfalls, eye illness, tissue layer disorder, tissue layer medication and Lasik revision methods to revise nearsightedness, ametropia and astigmatism, giving patients the shots of a life free from glasses and contacts to name several.

Sardana Institute is one in all the heading laser Eye Surgery Clinic in city.we square measure furnished with all the freshest engineering, giving the most straightforward restorative and surgical forethought accessible on the planet these days. Our most recent procurement is that the Lensx Bladeless Femto-second optical gadget for waterfall surgery.

Eye Specialists/ Surgeons:


Sardana top eye Institute in delhi & ncr one in all the had practical experience in laser eye surgery with an exceptionally prepared therapeutic group, and additionally LASIK, comprehends that sight is one in all the most valuable faculties. you wish some extra contemplations while discovering the correct eye specialist and along these lines the right office for your vision remedy. optical gadget eye surgery could be a method that enhances your vision and provides for you flexibility from glasses and contact lenses.

Waterfall TREATMENT:

Waterfall normally technique gradually which may cause vision misfortune. basically its a vapor that creates inside the lens of the consideration, that differs in degree from slight to finish mistiness and hindering the entry of daylight.. individuals who ar loaded with waterfalls force of the lens could additionally be collected, perpetrating myopia( (nearsightedness) and likewise the slow yellowing and regular procedure of the lens could decrease the recognition of blue shades.


Extracapsular waterfall comprises of concentrating the lens however going the majority of versatile layer in place to allow implantation of Associate in Nursing lense.

High recurrence sound waves (phacoemulsification) may well be used in a few cases to hinder up the lens before extraction.

Intraocular Lenses

After the with achievement evacuation of the waterfall, Associate in Nursing lense (IOL) is frequently imbued into the consideration, either through alittle cut (1.8 mm to 2.8 mm) utilizing a collapsable IOL, or through Associate in Nursing developed entry point, utilizing a PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) lens.

RETINA Treatment:the film may be a horribly thin layer of tissue that lines the internal a piece of the back of the consideration and is ceaseless with the nervus opticus. It holds photoreceptor cells (bars and cones), that catch the light beams that enter the eye. These light-weight driving forces ar then sent to the mind for methodology through the nervus opticus. The macula could be a particular space of the tissue layer that allows US to see watchful, visual sense.

This makes it feasible for us to scan,

stare at the TV, and distinguish faces.

Sorts of tissue layer and Vitreous issues and medications :

1-Diabetic Retinopathy

a-Retinal optical gadget medication

b-Vitrectomy Surgery


2-ge macular degeneration

3-Dry Form

4-Wet Form

5-Retinal Detachment


Vision Correction Service

Waterfall Surgery

Glaucoma Surgery

Squint Surgery

Sardana eye foundation is a Super claim to fame focus in india who gives different varieties of eye medicine with lattest engineering.

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