Waxelene's Involvement in the Active Lifestyle Community Grows

Company's eco-friendly petroleum jelly alternative adopted by runners and surfers alike

Waxelene, the petroleum jelly alternative, today announced it is being used at the medical aid stations of several races including the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure and the San Francisco Marathon.

"Runners love the moisturizing and soothing properties of Waxelene," said Todd Cooper, CEO of Waxelene. "As word gets out, we've been asked to provide product for more and more events. And we're happy to get involved. For those who have an active lifestyle - whether it's running, swimming, biking, surfing, skin diving, hiking - Waxelene can provide protection and relief for the chapped lips, skin irritations, and rashes that often occur when you mix sun, sweat, wind, water, salt and sand with any activity."

"As a professional surfer, based in Northern California I use wetsuits a lot!" explained Joao DeMacedo, professional surfer (Ranked 4th on the 2011/2012 Big Wave World Tour). "That means putting on damp or wet wetsuits is inevitable, which means skin rashes are bound to occur. When that happens, it's awesome to count on Waxelene to sooth those rashes and know that it's a natural product. I also use Waxelene for sunburned or chapped lips -a regular occurrence when you spend so much time in the ocean."

Ryan Seelbach, Mavericks Invitational contestant agrees, "Waxelene offers the perfect balance of being both a natural product and working in many adverse conditions. It keeps rashes away and doesn't impact the longevity of my not so natural surf trunks and wetsuits. This product suits my lifestyle really well and I am glad it's on the market."

Waxelene is not just a replacement for petroleum-based products it is a major improvement because it is noticeably more effective. Waxelene's ingredients, vitamin E oil, beeswax, organic rosemary oil, and organic soy oil, are delicately balanced to synergistically care for your skin. These all-natural ingredients are combined using a patent pending aeration formula to create this amazing texture that won't clog pores. And it doesn't stain clothing like other lubricants. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear on your skin and moisturizes while it lubricates. It's also eco-friendly. You won't find any petrochemicals listed on its label or left behind after your visit to the sea or sand.

Waxelene is available in over 400 stores across 31 states. Visit the Waxelene website and type in your zip code on the Retail Locations page to find the location nearest you. https://waxelene.com/retail_locations

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