Warp Drive Prototype Inventor to Appear Live On Call-In Webcast

Talktainment Radio show, The Chosen, will feature proto-warp drive inventor, Marshall Barnes, in a live call-in format that is bound to dazzle and excite Star Trek fans who have dreamed of the day when warp drive could become real.

Ron Mills of Talktainment Radio's The Chosen, will host a guest appearance by Marshall Barnes, who has been making waves online recently with his aggressive campaign to bring warp drive into reality. Marshall is a research and development engineer who works in the advanced concept science and technology area, and a leading figure in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) education movement. But in 2000 he began research into specially synthesized electromagnetic fields which led to his creation of the STDTS, the first functioning prototype for warp drive. After years of testing it and delays caused by the economy and other pressing projects, he has recently launched a campaign to bring his invention into the public and establish its reality.

The STDTS has been seen on a limited scale in public at conferences, conventions and even the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington D.C. last October. Before appearing on The Chosen, he will be in the D.C. area again as a Grand Judge for the D.C. Science and Engineering Fair. Among those who have seen videos of such tests as acceleration and gravity drops, are a number of scientists such as Ronald Mallett, PhD of the University of Connecticut and Alan Gould of the NASA Kepler Mission. Even Eugene (or "Rod") Roddenberry, the son of Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry, has seen one of the videos and allowed himself to be filmed supporting the research. Recently the agent of Leonard Nimoy, who played Dr. Spock on Star Trek, emailed Marshall saying that he would forward Marshall's birthday greeting for Nimoy which included an invitation to witness the first space test of the device when he's ready, hopefully some time next year. Nimoy's co-star, William Shatner, got an invite first for his birthday, which included the privilege of being the one to pilot the test probe out of the Earth's gravitational field http://bit.ly/f3oe16 .

Marshall will be showing Mills a video of one of the gravity drops so that when the show goes on the air, Mills can speak to the fact that it's real. There is a planned event called The Great Gravity Drop that will show the act of the STDTS causing a sponsor's product to fall faster when the STDTS field is on than when it is off. No word on who it might be, but Pepsi and Coca-Cola have both been mentioned by fans as likely choices. Marshall appeared holding a Coke can wired to a harness in a photo that appeared in February of this year in the Don King Media Holdings owned paper, The Call & Post, in an article penned by Ike Mgbatogu who verified that all of the statements made about the various tests that have appeared online are true, as he saw them himself.

Though Marshall has been cautioned not to get too technical with the details, Marshall is fully prepared to talk about the physics of warp drive, as he will be announcing the online release of his paper, Die Grundlagen Der Verzerrung Reise: Solutions To Inherent Issues of Motion Through Local Adjustments with Contracting and Expanding Space-time Acceleration, dealing with his new revelations on warp drive physics or what he calls, "distortion travel".

Marshall is in the process of doing an audio documentary CD about the STDTS and there is at least one TV special planned for syndication while he looks for a publisher for a book that's in the works as well. In addition, a New York entertainment attorney is seeking talent agency representation for him.

Listeners can hear it all and call in their questions, Monday, April 4th at 8PM EST on www.talktainmentradio.com, 1-877-932-9766.

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