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Tired of staring at the same old bleak looking bathroom every day? There are simple, inexpensive easy ways to add color and warmth to any bathroom.

Tired of staring at the same old bleak looking bathroom every day? There are simple, inexpensive easy ways to add color and warmth to any bathroom. Besides warming up the temperature and the color-scheme, and changing the flooring, there are other small and inexpensive improvements which can be made to the average bathroom.

add visual warmth with the use of warm colors, such as brown, red and orange. If have high ceilings they can look particularly attractive when painted orange or scarlet, and this also helps to reduce the apparent height. Modern vinyl paints stand up well to steamy bathroom conditions. Vinyl wall coverings are also suitable for bath rooms; many of them have nicely textured surfaces which also make them warm to the touch.

Wood can be a pleasant decorative finish; well sealed tongued-and-grooved paneling, for example, provides a wall covering which both looks and feels warm and which can often be used to conceal defects in the walls. One of the most pleasant ways of adding color is to use brightly colored towels. Online can easily find towels both pale and deeply colored; if worried about the cost, just wait for the semi-annual sales.

Plenty of large dry colorful towels make a great deal of difference to bathroom comfort. If cannot afford a European-style heated towel rail, which are great by the way, then make sure that have adequate towel bars on which towels can dry. It is often possible to fit extra towel rings in odd spaces too small for full-length bars. Just make sure rails are firmly fixed, as they tend to be used as hand grips especially by children, maybe even swung on... lol.

The floor, of course, is mostly used by bare and often wet feet. It is essential that it feels warm. Altering floor covering from, say, chilly tiles to bathroom carpeting is one easy fix. Make sure that any carpeting choose is suitable for bathrooms: rubber-backed carpets with synthetic piles stand up best, and it is possible to buy washable bathroom carpeting which can cut to shape yourself with a sharp pair of scissors. Today there are a variety of other options available for bathroom rugs from bamboo to jute that absorb water very well, dry quickly, and are antimicrobial.

Vinyl is a practical waterproof floor covering and not terribly expensive. The cushioned versions are the most attractive but vinyl, like ceramic tiles, is slippery when wet. Cork tiles are ideal as they both look and feel warm, but they must be well sealed against the inevitable moisture. With all these floor coverings, even the fitted carpet, it is important to provide an absorbent bath mat to take up as much moisture as possible when a member of family gets out of the bath.

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