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Want a Beautiful Tan? Use This Routine and Sun Laboratories' Products!

Sun Laboratories markets a wide variety of self-tanning products to meet the preferences of the buyers.

If you're looking for a method to self-tan, the following routine and Sun Laboratories' products are what you need. Begin your self-tanning routine by shaving areas of your body you usually keep free of hair. In order to remove dead cells from your skin and achieve an even tan, exfoliate your skin with the Sun Laboratories Exfoliating Body Gel in the shower. However, a person should avoid applying the self-tanning product in a moist or steamy bathroom. It is a good idea to apply petroleum jelly to your eyebrows to protect their color. Using latex gloves or a mitt, apply the self-tanning product to all exposed areas of the head first. Next, apply it to the legs and feet, but use only a small amount on the top of the feet. Your stomach, chest, shoulders, arms and top of hands should be next. End with an application to your back using a wand or a buddy to help. Once the application is complete, use a tissue to gently wipe wrists, top of feet, elbows and knees removing a little of the product. Wash hands thoroughly and blow dry your entire body. When applying a self-tanner spray you must work quickly since they dry so fast.

After the application of the product is complete, wait one to two hours before dressing or going to bed. The best time to do the self-tanning is before bed time. Sun Laboratories markets overnight self-tanners. Self-tanners usually take eight hours. It would be best to place towels on your bed sheet. Shower the next morning. If you notice problem areas that don't look right, you can blend in some of the product to these areas or use lemon juice to erase some color from feet, hands, wrists, knees and elbows. You can maintain your tan by keeping your skin moisturized. Most people self-tan their bodies once a week and their faces twice.

Sun Laboratories has a number of products on the market. Their products can be purchased in sets that include everything you need to self-tan. For instance, Sun Laboratories sells a tan overnight self-tanning lotion set that includes lotion, exfoliating body gel and a moisturizer. For buyers that prefer a foam, a roll-n-tan product or a mist, they also market these. Buyers can purchase the self-tanners, the exfoliating body gel, a moisturizer and a tan extender separately from Sun Laboratories as well. The self-tanners are sold in various tan shades such as bronze, dark or ultra-dark.

An additional set Sun Laboratories markets is the Tanning Mitt System that includes a mitt, their Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion, Self-Tanner Micro Mist, their Exfoliating Body Scrub and a tan maintaining lotion. Beach lovers might find the beach bag Sunless Sun Goddess Kit convenient.

Sun Laboratories markets a wide variety of Self Tanning products to meet the preferences of the buyers. Any of the types of Tanning Products and a good routine to apply the various types will give a person a beautiful tan.

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