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Graffitti Studio is a professional voice over recording and dubbing company (dubbing studio, dubbing house), based in Sofia, Bulgaria, operating since 1994.

Founded in 1994, Graffitti Studio http://www.graffittistudio.com is a professional voice over and dubbing studio, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Working with major TV programs and film companies like Warner Bros, News Corp and Turner, advertising leaders like BBDO and Omnicom, Graffitti Studio localizes broadcasted and non-broadcasted multimedia content, providing professional voice over, dubbing, subtitling and transcription services in 40 languages.

The customers:

Broadcasted: Turner, News Corp, HBO, Wild TV
Non-broadcasted: Microsoft, Nokia, Shell, Volvo, MSD, Phillips, Danone, Deutsche Telecom, HP, Adobe, Burger King, Nokia, Gillette, BMW, Sony, European Commission

What makes Graffitti Studio special?

Graffitti Studio provides a complete media localization solution- from transcription and translation of scripts to personal project management and 24/7 availability for contact, a unique audio production facility, professional native speaking voice over and dubbing talents, large voice bank of 1000+ auditioned voice actors, quality control on each production stage, professional voice over and dubbing recording and production equipment with ISDN connections for live session monitoring, ability to localize large volumes of multimedia content in 40 languages and with very short turnarounds, and a very experienced team of professionals who are able to face complicated tasks with no compromise on deadlines.

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The facility:

Graffitti Studio is located at Balkanton Building- a 4 floor production facility, build for the sole purpose of high quality audio production, where all voice over and dubbing studios are acoustically treated. Graffitti Studio operates 4 separate recording and dubbing studios and 6 post-production workstations with great options for expansion. The facility is situated in a quiet neighborhood, very close to downtown Sofia.

The Services:

Graffitti Studio provides the following services:

Media localization:
Localizing various types of media content in 40 languages

- TV program localization
- Film and movie localization
- Animation and cartoon localization
- TV commercial localization
- Radio commercial localization
- Multimedia localization
- E-learning media localization
- Marketing, corporate and training video localization
- Video tour and video tutorial localization
- Video game and PC game localization
- Audio localization

Check: http://www.graffittistudio.com/en/localization-services.html

Voice over and dubbing:
Providing professional voice over and dubbing services in 40 languages

- Voice over and dubbing talent casting
- Multilingual voice over recording and production
- Foreign language dubbing and voice over
- TV program dubbing and voice over
- Movie trailer voice over and dubbing
- TV commercial dubbing and voice over
- Radio commercial voice over
- Podcasting voice over
- Vodcasting voice over and dubbing
- Corporate video dubbing and voice over
- Training video dubbing and voice over
- Video tour and video tutorial dubbing and voice over
- E-learning voice over
- ADR film dubbing and voice over
- Audio book voice over
- Film and movie dubbing voice over
- Theatrical dubbing and voice over
- Digital cinema dubbing and voice over
- Narration and documentary dubbing and voice over
- Animation and cartoon lip synchronization
- Video game dubbing and voice over
- Multimedia dubbing and voice over
- PowerPoint presentation dubbing and voice over
- IVR and On hold messages voice over
- ISDN voice over lines for live recording monitoring

Check: http://www.graffittistudio.com/en/voiceover-studio.html

Subtitling, open and closed captions:
Providing professional subtitling and captioning services in 40 languages

- Closed and open captioning
- Multilingual subtitling and captioning
- TV program subtitling and captioning
- E-learning subtitling and captioning
- CD/DVD subtitling and captioning
- Film subtitling and captioning
- Digital cinema subtitling and captioning
- Documentary subtitling and captioning
- TV commercial subtitling and captioning
- Radio commercial subtitling and captioning
- Documentary subtitling and captioning
- Animation and cartoon subtitling and captioning
- Corporate video subtitling and captioning
- Training and instructional video subtitling and captioning
- Video tour and video tutorial subtitling and captioning
- SD and HD subtitling and captioning
- Spotting and final editing

Check: http://www.graffittistudio.com/en/subtitling.html

Media transcription
Providing professional media transcription services in 40 languages

- Multilingual media transcription
- TV program transcription
- Radio program transcription
- Video transcription
- Audio transcription
- CD/ DVD transcription
- E-learning transcription
- Film and movie transcription
- Multimedia transcription
- Digital transcription
- Animation and cartoon transcription
- Digital transcription
- TV and radio commercial transcription

Check: http://www.graffittistudio.com/en/transcription-services.html

Graffitti Studio provides professional post-production services with large volume capacities.

- Audio and video editing
- Sound design
- Audio to video synchronization
- Mixing and mastering
- Audio logos
- Video game and PC game audio
- Foley stage studio and Foley effects

Check: http://www.graffittistudio.com/en/audio-studio.html

Other services:

- Original music composing, recording and production
- Outdoor sound recording for live filming
- Music arrangements
- Music recording, mixing, mastering and production

Check: http://www.graffittistudio.com/en/recording-studio.html

The languages:

Graffitti Studio provides professional multimedia localization services in the following languages:

American English, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Austrian, British English, Bulgarian, Chinese Mandarin and Chinese Cantonese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Hindi, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Moldavian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and more.

Check: http://www.graffittistudio.com/en/foreign-languages.html

Graffitti Studio is a local leader in broadcasted Bulgarian voice over and dubbing services:


The talents:

Graffitti Studio provides 1000+ professional native speaking talents for multilingual projects.

Check voice bank and foreign language voice over and dubbing samples or demos at:

The project management:

Each project is assigned to a Graffitti Studio project manager who follows the entire project from start to finish and is responsible for planning, managing and executing a high quality product or service, assigning tasks to different sub-managers within Graffitti Studio and monitoring each stage of the project.

The quality control:

Graffitti Studio provides outstanding quality control system to ensure a high end product. Quality control is executed by the Project Manager and Production manager on each level of production who ensures the product won't move to the next stage before it complies with customer's specifications and our internal quality requirements. The voice over and dubbing production process includes linguists, voice over directors and the production manager who delivers the product for approval to the assigned Project Manager.

The Voice over and Dubbing equipment:

Graffitti Studio constantly updates production equipment to ensure better audio quality and file migration through different specifications and file formats:

Check voice over and dubbing equipment at http://www.graffittistudio.com/en/voiceover-studio.html

The team:

Graffitti Studio has 15 full time employees and 30 part time specialists.
During the years Graffitti Studio has built a team of highly skilled professionals in multimedia localization project management and multimedia production. Sales representatives are friendly towards any information request over the phone or the e-mail and provide detailed information within the same day. Graffitti Studio team is 24/7 available to complete a project.

The contacts:

Website: http://www.graffittistudio.com
Address: 6 Haidushka Poliana Str, 1612 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: 0035929552041
Mobile: 00359 889 416219
Skype: graffitti.studio
E-mail: sales@graffittistudio.com

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