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Virtualization Unlocks The True Potential Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and Virtualization both are different set of technologies but when these two are combined, both will produce superb results and with that it boosts the functionality of cloud computing and due to this cloud management becomes easier.

Ashis Sharma, CEO, Today, Cloud computing is spread across the globe like a viral fever; it has a huge fan and user base. It's a technology in demand and a game changer. The problems and difficulties in cloud management that are experienced earlier by clients have disappeared today. Our technical experts at cloud computing works extensively in managing and proper functioning of the cloud server to make them fully capable and functional for clients, along with that we take care of your business and budget factors in to considerations.

Using Virtualization is the best way to enhance your performance and it will reduce the cost of services. You will get the best results when cloud computing and Virtualization are combined. You might get confused on the integration of Cloud computing and Virtualization with respect to your business. Virtualization and computing work together and always complement each other.
As the title suggests Virtualization helps in unlocking the true potential of cloud computing and then it helps the organization in achieving high quality results.

Virtualization makes it easier for the delivery of services by providing a platform for optimizing complex IT resources in a scalable way. This makes the cloud computing much cost efficient.

It can be applied to almost anything including memory, hardware, storage, network, OS, and applications. Virtualization has three distinctiveness that makes it the best for cloud computing.

• Encapsulation: It will shield every application so that it does not obstruct other applications. A virtual machine can be stored up and corresponded to as a single file, making it simple to recognize and present to other applications.

• Isolation: Since every virtual machine is isolated, therefore every machine is sheltered from crashes and viruses in other machines. Virtualization is important for the cloud because it decouples the software from the hardware.

• Partitioning: You may use partitioning to sustain numerous applications and operating systems in a single physical system.

To manage diverse features of Virtualization in cloud computing mainly organizations use hypervisors. Since in cloud computing you need to support numerous operating environments, the hypervisor becomes the principle rescue mechanism by permitting you to show the same application on lots of diverse systems. Because hypervisors can load several operating systems, they are extremely practical way of getting things virtualized rapidly and proficiently.

Cloud Management

Cloud management covers all the data center operations activities. This extensive category includes the required tools and techniques for managing by both cloud provider and internal data managers across these physical, IT and Virtual atmosphere.

Cloud management consists of many categories, with
• Configuration management
• Asset management
• Network management
• Capacity planning
• Service desk
• Root cause analysis
• Workload management
• Patch and update management

The cloud itself is a service management platform. Well-designed cloud service portfolios include a tight integration of the core service management capabilities and well-defined interfaces.

Although all three cloud computing, Virtualization, and cloud management and are different but are interrelated and are necessary for the proper running and functioning of the cloud server and for the ultimate customer satisfaction with high quality results.

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