Video Released by Solar Panels Company Warns Consumers of Shady Solar System Salesmen

A UK Solar Panels Company, Prolite Energy Systems Aims to Combat the Unapproved and Unqualified Solar Panels Companies and Installers that are Devastating the Industry by Releasing a Free Informative Guide for Customers on How To Avoid Being Misled.

Prolite Energy Systems has started a battle against the pirates of the solar panels industry. The British solar energy company has spoken out to raise awareness of the cowboy and pirate companies that are on the rise. A spokesperson for Prolite Energy Systems said, "These dodgy companies will try and sell customers a solar system that is totally inappropriate for their household. More often than not, they won't even ensure that their installers are industry approved. In the long run, this can lead to the customer losing money, and in some cases, it can cause long term damage to their house." The company has drawn comparisons with online movie piracy sites, such as the aptly named Solarmovie UK , "We always hear of the internet movie piracy sites threatening the film industry, but the solar panels industry has its own pirate problem."

The Prolite Energy Systems spokesperson went on to explain that, "It is the same for many industries, from the building industry to the film industry, there will always be cowboys and pirates seeking out those vulnerable people who will part with large amounts of money for very little, or shoddy work in return." The solar panels company spokesperson added, "At Prolite Energy Systems, we only have approved and qualified solar panels installers on our books, but sadly, not all companies work in this way. Customers would never allow a non-Corgi registered gas plumber to fit their boiler, and having solar panels installed should be approached with similar caution."

Many shady companies will entice the consumer with highly discounted offers on cheap branded solar panels, or even free solar panels, and then charge an extortionate amount for installation, which will more often than not be fitted by an unapproved installer. Not only is this ripping off the consumer and leaving them out of pocket, it can make the household unsafe if the panels are not installed correctly, something that can only be guaranteed by a fully approved solar system installer.

To prevent customers falling into this trap, Prolite Energy Systems have released an free informative video with a downloadable brochure to give consumers clear guidance of what to expect when switching their household to a solar system. Prolite Energy Systems is aiming to help consumers avoid paying a large sum for an energy system that isn't suitable for them. The free brochure is attached to this article, just click the download link.

Their spokesperson said, "This free guide is really great as it explains in simple terms all the options available when opting for solar panels, giving the control back to the customer and letting them decide for themselves whether a solar system would be right for their household."

To find out about the benefits of switching to a solar system and how to avoid being scammed, watch the video released by Prolite Energy Systems here or go to the Prolite Energy Systems website and download their free PDF guide. The free PDF guide is also attached to this article, just click the download link.


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