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Varvel Publish 2013 Report on Solar Power

Varvel SpA, a Bologna-Italy based company since 1955 and producing mechanical speed reducers and variators, unveils the 2013 Solar Energy report, showing the produced energy by its photovoltaic system. The Report is coherent with the company's commit

At the company's headquarters, a quick look at the real-time processing board showing the amount of solar energy produced by the factory's photovoltaic system, gives a high esteem about Varvel's contribution to the environmental cause.

Varvel SpA, a Bologna-Italy based company since 1955 and producing speed reducers and variators, has chosen to share the results achieved with the stakeholders proving Varvel's resolution in giving high priority to the environmental cause.

In fact, Varvel introduced the "Environmental System", certified in 2001 according to the European norm UNI EN ISO 14001. The annual Sustainability Report, issued since 2007 shows the company saved 10,000 cu.m of natural gas by using solar panels to produce hot water.

Subsequently, in 2010 Varvel SpA installed a €600,000 worth photovoltaic system consisting of 675 panels for an overall surface of 1100 sq.m and a power of 159 kWp. The annual production counts about 188,000 kWh, providing around 20% of the company's energy requirements and saving 109 TPY (Tons per Year) CO2 and 98 kg NOx (mono-nitrogen oxides) emissions, and 17 TOE (Tons of Oil Equivalent) fossil fuels - equivalent to 15,601 trees.

2013 results show that the energy produced exceeds expectations (+11,35%) but slightly below 2012 levels (+12,3%) due to unforeseen weather conditions during Spring and Autumn - such as cloudy and snowy days (+0,8%).

"Be a socially responsible company - say Francesco Berselli, President and Mauro Cominoli, Managing Director of Varvel SpA - means to adopt policies helping society, people and environment. Coherently, we chose to pursue this mission and to share the results with our stakeholders, hoping others will be inspired by our publication".

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