User Retention Rate Improved with Pass

Pass is a popular and simple way to discover, meet and make friends with people nearby, and they can be sent leisurely even when you are offline.

The number of users for Pass grows quickly. In addition to the platform user base and developing strategies, its quick development is strongly associated with the new functionality. Noting from the statistics from Cnet in January of 2014, over 40% of the content shared to third party platform like Facebook and Twitter was from Pass. Seconded to Pass were Path and Pinterest. However, even the percentages of Path and Pinterest were added together, the figure was still less than half of that of Pass. The strong ties among people nearby proposed by Pass facilitated the effective transmission of information and feedback. "Lifelization" of Pass also enables friends to understand and care about each other.

Cnet statistics indicated, based on the shares statistics of Pass, that the average user retention rate for the second day was over 22% while the average rate for seven days were more than 9.5%, higher than the average figures of most mobile social intercourse applications. Obviously, software integrating geographical-location based function and information sharing can strengthen user activity.

The shared content in Twitter from Pass also suggests something. In January in 2014, contents from social intercourse application at most accounted for 45%, seconded to which were contents regarding food and traveling. In a "one to many" broadcast platform like Twitter, social interaction will obviously draw more attention. Using social intercourse platform during the development and promotion of Pass with thorough understanding on different features and tendencies can substantially spread the popularity of Pass and increase its users.User retention rate improved with Pass.

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