USA Green Card - A new Green card has been announced

The USA government has announced the release of a new USA Green Card.The new USA green card includes a new design and new security features.

The USA government has announced the release of a new USA Green Card.
The new card will include several changes. The first thing that is noticeable is that unlike the old USA Green Card which was pinkish, the new USA green card is actually green. In the past the USA green card was also pink, beige, blue and many other colors.

In addition to the new color and design the new green card also includes several new security features, which will make forging it much more difficult.
laser-engraved fingerprints; high-quality micro-images on the back of the card that are very hard to counterfeit; and embedded radio frequency identification that lets border protection officers, and other government entities (such as police or FBI) scan cards from afar.
Holders of green cards with the old designs can keep using them until they expire.
"USA is a country of immigrants. The new green card is another good example of how USA is committed to improving the process for legal immigrants while making it harder for illegal immigrants to fake residency" says Mo Sparrow from USAGC.
The USA Green Card is an official proof of your permanent residency status. There are several ways of getting a green card: you can marry an American citizen, you can sign up to the USA Green Card Lottery or DV Lottery or you can go through one of the other methods like an Employment Based Immigration process. In the official USA government green card site - you can find more info.
USAGC helps non USA (or Canada) residents easily immigrate to USA and Canada, by giving you a quality service that ensures that your application is of the highest standards. We will ensure that your application includes everything needed, and that it will not be disqualified due to errors and mistakes. Our site and services include information on immigrating to the US and Canada, information on living in US and Canada, tips for immigrants and an easy to use green card lottery application service.

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