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UNIF "Ur Not In Fashion"

Unif Clothing is a lifestyle brand from Los Angeles California. UNIF is now shaking up the online and offline fashion community. With their grunge esthetics and underground techno influences, the brand is kickin some major mainstream ass.

UNIF Clothing or "Ur Not in Fashion" is the sickest brand we have seen hit shop in a few years now. Eric Espinoza started out as a DJ in Hollywood but quickly found his passion in clothing. Soon he was exchanging his DJ decks and late nights partying for a late night in his backyard hand dying and sewing the beginnings of UNIF. UNIF has been widely disbursed via one of the coolest blogger chicks in the game, Christine Lai from

Unif Clothes are seriously influenced by music and culture. It is super obvious in their graphic print muscle tees that portray messages such as "Tech-No" and "Hell is so Hot Right Now." The most amazing thing about UNIF clothing is their darker approach to fashion. Their tops and tees are perfectly shredded and destroyed giving them that "worn to death" look and feel. We were smitten by the quirky yet super emo quotes on their shirts, such as the "jesus saves, I spend" tank that was seen all over magazines and editorials, from Urban Outfitters to rad little Japanese magazines.

Underground grunge and death metal really take a vibe in Eric Espinoza's lifestyle brand UNIF. The brand is now found in shops and boutiques all over the world. Including one of our favorite shopping sites, Dolls Kill. The brand is addicting, you have one of their tops and you're into them for life. You can't see yourself ever wearing anything else; those crappy screen-printed AA tops, out the door. F*** em, UNIF is here to stay and the new Holiday 2012 collection is really going to mix it up for its fans. We have seen some of their shoes that are going to hit this Holiday, such the Hellraisers, (super studded and spiked lamb skin leather flats) and our favorites the Hellbounds (sky high platforms that put Jeffrey Campbell to shame), and they are really going to be taking it to the next level.

Excited to see what lies ahead for UNIF and their posse of bloggers and fashion kids. We really see a great future for them and are true fans of the clothing brand. Seeing that Eric Espinoza's goal in fashion is not to be the "mainstream or the next Dior," he truly wants to stay true to his backyard style and grunge ethics. Check out UNIF's current collection on Dolls Kill.

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