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UndefinedPowderHorn Consulting Aids Organization to Become and Stay CARF Accredited

With over 150 years of behavioral health and development disability experience, PowderHorn Consulting helps health and human services organizations to become CARF accredited and/ or maintain their CARF accreditation status.

Health and human services organizations who are preparing for their initial CARF accreditation, are often overwhelmed with nearly two thousand standards needed to achieve accreditation. They even don't know where to start or what programs they should offer that will meet accreditation guidelines. These organizations are also unaware of when and how to complete the CARF intent to survey application. This is where PowderHorn Consulting comes in. This leading consulting firm has a proven record of accomplishment of certification achievements with over 70 contracts achieving a 3-year accreditation, the maximum possible.

All of their highly trained CARF consultants provide the necessary tools that one needs to cut through the complexity of the accreditation process, ensuring the organization's accreditation is successful. "We offer a telephonic or even in-person review to assist in determining your organizational readiness for completing the "Intent to Survey" or assist your agency in any stage of the accreditation process. We will work with your organization throughout the process of assessment, policies and procedures development, technical assistance, program and administrative documentation review and other details of preparedness," reported the Managing Principal from PowderHorn Consulting.

He added, "Finally we conduct a comprehensive onsite mock survey to determine possible opportunities for improvement in conformance with CARF standards".

Along with this, this leading CARF consulting firm offers services such as comprehensive accreditation review, technical assistance for CARF to existing CARF accredited agencies, readiness consultation, technical assistance for local regulatory standards for behavioral health programs, policy and procedures development, contract monitoring and technical assistance, program documentation review and advisement, and administration documentation. Through all these effective services, PowderHorn Consulting strives to meet the needs of each individual client.

"Our clients have a 100% success rate in gaining the accreditation that their organization sought. Let our consultants apply our unique processes together with expert guidance to assist your organization in obtaining the desired accreditation. Let us add you to our success rate".

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PowderHorn Consulting was established to help health and human services organization in obtaining CARF accreditation. For more details, visit http://powderhornconsulting.com/.


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