Ulteo Open Virtual Destktop On IPad & Android Tablets: First Ulteo Premium Modules Available Now

The Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) solution has released its enterprise Tablets clients and its gateway first premium modules: Ideal to access your virtual desktop on your tablet from a private or public cloud. HTML5 virtual desktop support comin

Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop, the commercial Open Source remote desktop and application publication solution is proud to announce its new Premium modules with the OVD clients for Tablets and the OVD Gateway!

Once you have an OVD installation in place, just install the iPad and/or the Android client on your device and you can access your Ulteo OVD remote Windows/Linux virtual desktops & applications (and Android phones).
We have also developed the OVD Gateway that lets users securely access an existing OVD infrastructure through any Internet connection.
Also stay tuned for an upcoming Ulteo OVD HTML5 virtual desktop client!

These new modules address an fast increasing demand of virtual desktop tablets support by organizations as well as telco and Managed Service providers (MSP)to offer new services.

With this announcement, Ulteo formely introduces its first Premium modules and its commercial support.

What is an Ulteo Premium module?
Ulteo premium modules are Open Source add-ons to the Ulteo OVD (Open Virtual Desktop). As such, their executables are subject to a special subscription plan available only to IT departments customers and Ulteo partners.

With this release Ulteo customers and partners have now three ways of leveraging the Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop solution:
* Core OVD product: download and use freely Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) solution
* Silver plan: use the OVD with official commercial support, fixes, patches, best practices and tips from Ulteo and its partners
* Gold plan: use the OVD and its Premium modules + commercial with official support, fixes, patches, best practices and tips from Ulteo and its partners

To test or to buy OVD Premium modules and commercial support, please contact:
* sales(@)ulteo.com
* partners(@)ulteo.com (includes reseller, MSP and also OEM requests)

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