UK Watch Retailer Takes a Leaf Out of TV Show Crime Patrol 2012 and Launches Video Against Fake Mens Watches

Produce a Luxury Item and the Knock Offs are Sure to Follow. Following the Popularity of TV shows Such as Crime Patrol 2012, Watch Hub Releases a YouTube Video Advising Customers How to Get the Best Genuine Deal when Purchasing Mens Watches Onlin

With television programmes such as [url:] Crime Patrol 2012 [/url] and CrimeWatch a popular staple of the television schedule, the public are becoming more and more wary of the lengths counterfeiters go to to produce a fake or replica designer mens watches.

According to the recently published Intellectual Property Crime (IPC) Report (July 2012), the number of watches investigated for counterfeit have increased from 2011, but clothing still remains the most reported counterfeit item for the third year running.

Many may think that by purchasing items such as mens watches in a physical store on the high street, they are less at risk of inadvertently buying a fake than if they were to purchase online. It would come as a surprise then, that the IPC Report shows that fake products are just as likely to be reported in physical stores as they are on websites and web auction sites. In the period between 1st April 2011 and 31st March 2012, 1004 fake watches were seized by the UK Border Force at airports alone.

One of the main reasons for counterfeiting goods is reported to be for financial gain, but the IPC Report states that counterfeiting is often linked to organised crime and other criminality as opposed to a stand alone crime. Although the price of a knock off product may look appealing, there can often be dangers involved - especially with electrical equipment as they are often not wired correctly.

Programmes such as Crime Petrol 2012 not only help to catch criminals and help the progress of police investigations, but they also raise awareness on how to avoid falling victim to certain crimes, for example purchasing fake products.

During a previous Crime Patrol Live episode in 2011, the presenters showed the audience how to tell fake products from authentic ones, using mens watches as an example.

As a rule, it is best not to purchase online as there is no way of inspecting the product before it's been paid for. The Crime Patrol 2012 team advised the audience to conduct research to familiarise themselves with the features and signature elements of the brand or designer they were wishing to buy - that way if a watch does not carry one of these features, it is clearly a knock off.

A leading UK retailer of mens watches, Watch Hub has followed in these crime prevention television programmes' footsteps and launched a YouTube video advising viewers how they can protect themselves against scam companies.

Robin Kamal, co-founder of Watch Hub said, "The aim of this video is to make consumers aware of the risks of purchasing women's and men's watches online by telling them what to look out for and how they can avoid wasting their money on a knock off product. It's the common thing of, 'if it looks too good to be true, it probably is'"

To see Watch Hub's video go to Or visit their website at

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