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Uber and Lyft Aren't the Only Game-Changers to Hit the Miami Market, South Florida Also Welcomes On-demand Driver Service, White Glove Drivers

Innovative, on-demand personal driver service, White Glove Drivers, operates legally in South Florida. Dispatching personal drivers to drive clients' vehicles, White Glove Drivers services Miami to West Palm Beach.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, then you've probably heard something about the controversial launch of ride-sharing apps, Uber and Lyft. These companies have been receiving major heat from legislatures and politicians around the state, and with their recent launch in Miami, cab drivers are watching their backs too.

However, Uber and Lyft aren't the only game-changers to tap into the South Florida market, White Glove Drivers, an on-demand driver service that dispatches drivers at the ready to chauffeur clients around in the comfort of their own car, is operating legally in South Florida. That's right, the company dispatches drivers to take the wheel of clients' vehicles and drive them to the destination of their choice. Their transportation services are the perfect option for those who have a car but may not want to drive, or simply can't.

"Disregarding Florida regulations and operating illegally in Miami, Uber and Lyft don't only pose a threat to the transportation industry but to consumers as well. But, there is space for legal innovation in the transportation industry and that's with White Glove Drivers," says White Glove Drivers CEO Sandra Ramirez.

"Unlike Uber and Lyft, White Glove Drivers operates legally and complies with all Florida regulations," adds White Glove Drivers operations manager. "Our drivers are carefully screened and highly vetted, so clients won't ever be placed in compromising situations, like the media has expressed many times with sexual assault lawsuits against Uber."

White Glove Drivers offers their safe, reliable and convenient transportation options from Miami to West Palm Beach.

To reserve a White Glove Driver call 561-DRIVERS or make reservations at www.whiteglovedrivers.com.

About White Glove Drivers
Established in 2013, White Glove Drivers is a premium, on-demand driver service in South Florida. Their personal drivers take the wheel of clients' vehicles while they ride in safe, stress-free comfort. Offering one-way and round-trip services, clients can be picked up and driven to the destination of their choice in South Florida. Each driver is carefully selected to meet high standards of excellence and safety. White Glove Drivers helps customers take back the time they spend driving on a daily basis, perfect for executives, celebrities, socialites, those without a license and individuals who have lost their mobility due to injury or old age. Membership entitles clients to discounted rates, additional grace periods and priority pickups. For more information, visit www.whiteglovedrivers.com.

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