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Are you looking for a phone answering service that takes into account your small business needs?

Are you looking for a phone answering service that takes into account your small business needs? While there are a number of phone answer service providers out there, not many cater specifically to small businesses. US Answers promises to change this with its small business centric focus.

US Answers knows that being in touch with your customers can lead to increase in sales and drive in more ROI. That is why; our receptionists make sure that you do not miss out on any calls, no matter what happens. As a businessperson, you can have meetings scheduled or your conventional phones that work on outdated complex telecommunication systems may not work fine. Our virtual receptionists ensure that we take your calls all the time. Offering you a local 800 number, we make sure that you miss nothing important. Be it mailing you, texting you or even calling you to keep you updated or transferring the call to help you close the next business lead, we make sure you attend only the calls that are important and none else.

To put things in perspective, statistics suggest that nearly 80% of callers do not call you back if you do not pick their phone the first time. U.S Answers offers the best and affordable plans at amazing prices that start from as low as $79 per 60 minutes. We do not even charge you for overage minutes the first month and only warn you and notify you first. If you use more minutes than the allotted plan, you will be diverted to our next plan the next month instead of just overcharging you the first month itself.

We even integrate the phone leads to sales force for easy management and you can view your messages online as well. What's more, with an experienced team of virtual receptionists, you can be sure that your customers will never be disgruntled about not reaching you or not getting to hear from you properly. US Answers uses the latest VOIP technology to ensure that you get nothing but the best.

Avail of the free trial plan that is actually a 30 day free trial plan. It will help you know how much of an impact US Answers can make to your business and how you can manage time better and increase productivity and efficiency by doing important things rather than attending calls. US Answers team can take messages, transfer calls or setup after hours voicemail for you without a worry. No more worrying about people and customers calling you after business hours, with US Answers, it's simple and easy.

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US Answer is cloud-based answering service and mobile app built on the and 8x8's cloud-based Contactual software. More information can be found at

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