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Two-colour or Multi-colour Label Printing? QuickLabel Offers Both.

The Vivo! Touch digital label printer from QuickLabel is bright in its photographic quality images and intelligent in its operation. Try it and see.

Labels come in all shapes and sizes and there are many different statutory requirements for all of them. If the products call for double-sided label printing, then it is worth taking a look at the Plexo duo 453 from www.quicklabel.co.uk, shown on the right.

This is ideal for care labels for clothing, or hang tags for soft furnishings or other textile items. The neat label printer prints in one colour on the top of the label and a different colour on the other side.

As can be seen, it fits easily into an office environment, but is sufficiently robust to be situated on the factory floor. The Plexo duo 453 is best for narrower labels, between 0.78 and 4.1 inches wide, which covers all the sizes most commonly used for textile and apparel products. It is also flexible in its application, as labels can be cut individually, for unique, designer dresses for instance, or at the end of a batch for multiple production runs.

If your products require multi-coloured, single-sided labels that adhere to the packaging then the Vivo! Touch label printer, shown below, could be just what you're looking for.

This intelligent digital printer is extremely versatile, producing photographic quality labels in short runs, where the printed information varies constantly, or longer runs as necessary.

The "Touch" part of the name is very appropriate, as you can print labels and control the whole print run process from the integral touchscreen, giving total flexibility. If you want to set up a queue of different types of labels, or order a repeat of a previous print run, just flex your fingers. The Vivo! Touch label printer can also be operated from a programme on a USB stick, or linked to your production line technology, making it fully compatible with modern manufacturing needs.

For sheer adaptability, you can't go far wrong with your multi-colour label printing when you use the Vivo! Touch.


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