Twitter Unveils Interactive Experiences For Expanded Tweets

Micro blogging site, Twitter will now let its users discover more interactive content in their tweets both on its website and mobile platform.

Social micro blogging site, Twitter has rolled out an array of interactive content for its users on Wednesday while enhancing its 'expanded tweets' feature. As posted in its official blog, the users of Twitter will now be able to find out more interactive experiences like video galleries, news stories or any audio clips inside a tweet on their desktop at or on their mobile browser at According to the reports, when a tweet containing links of a partner website is expanded, the users will be allowed to view content preview, images, play videos, listen to audios, etc, that will provide them with an interactive experience.

Twitter in its blog also mentioned that, this experience is going to be something similar to what the users must have experienced before while expanding tweets to play videos from YouTube or to watch photos from Instagram. In the current scenario, many new groups and players like 'The Wall Street Journal', 'Breaking News', 'TIME', etc have come forward to deliver content rich expanded tweets with links to various other websites. However, this step of Twitter to expand the range of content has made it easier for the users to easily identify between breaking news and by-lines.

Reports says that, when a user clicks on a tweet related to some news article by certain specific groups like, 'The San Francisco Chronicle', 'The New York Times', or 'Der Spiegel Online', along with getting the preview of the headline and the body of the article, the users will also be able to see the Twitter accounts of the publisher and the writer, to which they can reply, follow, retweet or favourite.

It also stated that the new addition will enable the users to take a glimpse of the exclusive images from sources like BuzzFeed and TMZ. It will also allow taking a pocket watch at their favourite television shows and playing videos from associations like Dailymotion and Lifetime . The company also announced that it will soon roll out Twitter in iPhones and Android devices.


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