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In late January 2010, my wife and I were introduced to an opportunity to join a group with TVI Express. For a one time investment of $250 we would purchase a membership allowing us lifetime access to a travel portal with a guarantee of the best available prices on airfare, accommodations, and other travel related expenses. In addition we would have the opportunity to build a financially rewarding in home business. As an additional perk the company offered members a discounted 7 day vacation to a vast array of destinations based on availability.
As with any MLM we knew the product was the key to long term success so we first researched the strengths and weaknesses of this aspect of the offering. Was the product itself worth the monetary investment? Would we use the product if we had no interest in building a business? After many long hours of comparing online travel sites to TVI using specific dates, locations, hotels, and even car rentals we were totally satisfied that a single trip even of relatively short duration would produce savings that exceeded the $250 membership.
Our next question was if we dedicated ourselves to following the business model could we reasonably expect to reap the financial rewards indicated in the TVI presentation? Is TVI's growth substantial enough to generate the levels of income necessary to continue build infrastructure and pay commissions and residuals earned by the members? The math wasn't difficult to calculate, fees generated through the travel portal and industry leading membership growth far exceed the financial obligations to its members.
What about company leadership? Who are they? Are they capable and trustworthy? We have had the opportunity to speak directly with several company leaders and with members of the staff. Access was not difficult and our concerns were always handled in a prompt and professional manner. Ultimately these questions may only be answered with the passage of time; obviously so far the leadership has been brilliant. They have lead TVI to the top of the industry and their business model is being copied by several new MLM start ups. I do know this concerning leadership, I have invested thousands in Fortune 500 companies with highly touted leaders only to loss every dime I invested. Leadership may change but it's the product that any company must rely on for success.
On February 14, we decided to invest our $250 and join TVI. Within one week we cycled the first matrix and made $500. Our investment had doubled. In just 18 days we completed the second matrix and earned $10,000. Since then our business has continued to grow and we are now also reaping the benefits of residuals. We have been paid and have had no difficulty communicating with the TVI staff when needed. Is it no wonder why we are 100% dedicated to the TVI business plan and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone wishing to better their lives. TVI has certainly had its detractors, some that tried the system and failed, some involved with other opportunities that believe they can only be successful if they create doubts in others. This is not new or unique, companies quite offer suffer set backs when coping with phenomenal growth. TVI's booking system for member vacations is still a work in progress; we believe that once it is completed it will have been well worth the wait and inconvenience. The truth is we did not join for a one time perk but to build a sustainable and successful in home business. If like us this is your goal, we highly recommend you join us and become part of TVI Express. If you would like additional information about TVI or ready to get started please contact us at


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