Triberg's City Center Gains a New Attraction

The PARK ART FAIR INTERNATIONAL © is moving to Germany

The PARK ART FAIR INTERNATIONAL © was born when visual artist Laurence Longueville, teamed up with a park house in Switzerland, to create a special space to exhibit art works. In the 5 years since it was founded, her concept has become a renowned exhibition venue for paintings, drawings, photographies and computer creations.

The PARK ART FAIR INTERNATIONAL © is moving into its new home, enlarging the possibilities in terms of space and diversity. It already featured works by more than 160 exhibitors, from about 25 different countries such as Japan, China and USA, Norway and Russia, Germany and Mexico !

The next PAFI© show, the 2014 one, in Triberg in the Black Forest (Triberg means "Three Mountains") will run from 11 april to 14 april 2014, and is already preparing you huge surprises, reflecting the many facets of the contemporary creation : artists whose restless creative brains show us what they can do. The extremes of minimalism and hyperrealism, the visual reality that challenges, abstract visions too, on a unique platform for emotions and art-meetings.

After the "Call to artists" opened in november 2013, the international Jury dutifully watch all the art works proposed, and up to 33 artworks will receive many mentions, from honorable to… best in show award.

We are proud to say that the city of Triberg features prominently, offering to the visitors and to the residents, an interesting internationally well known park house, with special places for males and females. The international press mentioned this particularity in many newspapers and magazines, some months ago.

Here is what to do even ink flow, the philosophy and the mission of the PARK ART FAIR INTERNATIONAL © is to show art, away from sanitized walls and murmurs in galleries, hosting for some hours contemporary art, through this pilot cultural project established in 2009, while…. art is for everyone !

While awaiting the pleasure of welcoming you here !

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