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Trendy Bob Hairstyles 2014

One of the trends of the season is the "bob", which is supposed to be slightly dry and full of texture. You have to respect the natural hair, his fall, his movement.

The trends in beauty and hair specifically are not as ephemeral as in fashion, nor penetrate both the population, because the decision to cut or dye bob hair is not taken so lightly as to buy some shorts. However, trends have any, heavily influenced by the catwalks.

The idea of trendy bob hairstyles 2014, there are variations, but are ultimately a relaxed trend, which still requires having hair in perfect condition by nourishing mask and extra hydrated. However, beware, because the color is not easy.

Bob hairstyle is usually chin length to shoulder-length and is an excellent choice for people who want a short hairstyle with lots of volume. Originally, bobs were shaped into a blunt, stylish all-one-length, although many variations and modifications of this style throughout the years have developed.

The most conservative can choose a hairstyle on the shoulder with long bob; the boldest are inclined short hairs 'Bob' in copper tones. Overall bobs are very long.

Although the bob has disappeared from the front sometimes, style is always in the background that shows sophistication and class. One of the bob hairstyle is the most popular asymmetrical concave bob hairstyle. Bob hairstyle is one of the timeless hairstyles that seem to never go out of style no matter what the current fashion trends.

There are many versions of Bob, can, chic, edgy, classic, or a version with a decorative band of lace, hearts, dots, stars or colors like pink bubble gum sweet and most popular.

Over the years, the cut is changed by adding or taking a pony, cutting one side short and the other long, woven, and flattened, but will always be a bob.

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