Treehouse: Prominent Nursery School in India

Tree house is India's prominent kids preschool, based at Mumbai. offers excellent education to kids & helps them in developing their skills & talent.

A kids nursery school would offer wide variety of exciting activities that helps in developing motor skills of the child. Different fun activities are organized at play schools like running jumping, throwing, riding and so on. Kids usually interact socially with other kids that helps in emotional development of the child. At playschool these activities are carried under strict guidance and supervision of the teachers or staff in order to restrict any kind of accidents or injuries. Choosing the right kind of nursery school in India will help in building the future of the child.

Treehouse is a leading play school in Mumbai. Treehouse has a number of centers all over the India. It's innovative programmes makes the learning more comprehensive and thus helping them to explore their talent and skills. Moreover each treehouse center is secure, airy and spacious operating in extremely friendly environment. Teachers at Treehouse are well trained and passionate in teaching as well as nurturing children. Children in a preschool get ample opportunities to socialize and mix up with other children, this is essential for the development of the child in both ways mentally and physically.

Different functions and activities are organized in the Treehouse like Annual Day, Fancy Dress Show, Mother's Day, Republic & Independence Day and so on. At Treehouse summer camp is also organized which aims to help children to discover their inner potential through various activities like art, craft, dramatics and sports (yoga, water play). This also escalates the confidence level of a child and helps in developing communication skills. It is to be noted that it is listed on NSE and BSE in India. Different programs provided by it are playgroup, nursery, junior kg and senior kg. It's attractive and colorful infrastructure draws the attention of the child and makes the learning more enjoyable.

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