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Treadwell Safe-Series Offering Best Anti-Slip Solutions

Treadwell Safe-Series is one of the most renowned names in the field of workplace safety. They have been providing affordable yet effective anti-slip industrial safety solutions for years.

The matter of industrial safety created quite a stir in the past few years. Most countries around the world have tightened their guidelines regarding industrial safety failing which the workplace owners will be heavily penalized. As a result, all the business owners throughout the world have opted for best safety matters at workplace. Treadwell Safe-Series has helped such business owners in the most efficient way possible. With their wide range of anti-slip products, most people now surely feel a lot safer than before at workplace.

The anti slip solutions offered by the company are of various types. They are either personalized according to the need of an industry or, are the traditional ones. Slip and fall accidents, which are mostly caused on staircases and other slippery surfaces, can easily be avoided with the help of effective non-slip products from Treadwell Safe-Series. Among various products manufactured by the company, some of the popular ones are stairnosing, sticky tapes, deck plating, covers, and ladder capping.

Disorders that take place in an industrial area during construction can lead to slip and trip accidents. However, with the help of non-slip stair treads manufactured by Treadwell Safe-Series following the latest technology, such accidents can be reduced to a great extent. Anti-slip properties are combined non-corrosive properties to manufacture these products out of the best quality fibreglass. Apart from providing the traditional solutions to prevent accidents at the workplace, this company is also known to provide industrial safety solutions as per the client requirement. Beside anti-slip solutions, one can avail quality anti-fatigue mapping too.

The various techniques that are used by Treadwell Safe-Series to manufacture anti-slip products are -

1. Carpet stairnosing: with the help of this option, one can cover up the places which tend to be slippery and efficiently reduce slip fall accidents.

2. Top-set nosing: this option is mostly used to cover up the step edges. Several types of such nosing options are available and can be applied on vinyl sheets along with many other goods.

3. Top-set round nosing: it is more like square nosing in which the edges are rounded off according to the requirement of the clients.

Treadwell Safe-Series and their various Anti-Slip solutions

As mentioned before, this company provides several types of anti-slip solutions for enhanced workplace safety to prevent unwanted accidents. Some of the most effective solutions are -

1. Step coverings with improved traction properties for better grip

2. Ladder covers and rungs manufactured from anti-slip and sturdy materials

3. Anti-slip glow to ensure maximum safety in dark working conditions

4. Several types of stairnosing, all of them equipped with anti-slip properties

5. Anti-slip feature enhanced deck plating

Few people out there, who still have not opted for the best available workplace safety, should call Treadwell Safe-Series today. For more information or any queries, log on to the official website of the company.

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