Training and Coaching Lifestyle - New Podcast Is Being Hosted by John Spencer Ellis

John Spencer Ellis Training and Coaching Lifestyle Podcast is the perfect guide to getting a strong body and state of mind necessary for a fruitful career. This fitness podcast specially designed to help the clients in achieving their goals

John Spencer Ellis the well known personality in fitness, lifestyle and wellness coaching is hosting The Training and Coaching Lifestyle Podcast. This program is aimed to train people on making more money with less work

The Podcast is aimed at helping personal trainers maintain the correct level of energy every day, as well as guidance on how to help build up a brand for themselves. The Podcast has a number of popular and experienced trainers who have spent years in the industry and have emerged victorious by becoming consistent.

Fitness and Personal development expert John helps more than a million of people through his amazingly created health and fitness Podcast. He is the CEO of prestigious organizations like National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, the parent of Wexford University, Spencer Institute of Life Coaching, International Triathlon Coaching Association, Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning association and much more. John is highlighted as the best selling author for "The Wellness Code", "New Rules for success" by Amazon. He has been nominated and selected for numerous prestigious awards. The Fitness Guru has been extensively featured in important platforms like BBC, NBS, CBS, ABC, FOX SPORTS, PIKE, HOW, ESPN, BUSINESS WEEK, FSN, FIX, MMA BUSINES, COSMOPOLITAN and many more.

John Spencer Ellis Training and Coaching Lifestyle Podcast teach the trainers themselves how important it is to make sure that they understand the Psychology of their clients and the way their minds tend to work. It describes a couple of different personalities and give examples on what the strongest aspect of these characters might be. It also tells the listeners how to deal with the stronger traits in their customers.

John covered a vast range of topics in his Health and Lifestyle Podcast like PR, publicity, marketing strategies, business lifestyle, SEO short cuts, social media campaigns, lifestyle design, wealth creation, program design, education, certification and success to fitness, wellness, nutrition, personal training and much more. This is a greatly designed health coaching Podcast can be subscribed on iTunes as well.

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