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Toronto Immigration Law Firm Niren And Associates Provides Legal Help To Those Denied Entry To Canada

Due to the increasing number of immigrants seeking entry to Canada, the country's population grew last year by approximately 1.1 percent.

Due to the increasing number of immigrants seeking entry to Canada, the country's population grew last year by approximately 1.1 percent, with the bulk of newcomers gravitating toward Saskatchewan. People from other countries wish to enter Canada for a number of reasons, including business visits, personal trips, temporary employment and permanent residence; however, many visitors are turned away on a daily basis. Reasons for denied entry to Canada
vary, but can include criminal records and medical conditions. In response to this issue, the legal team at Niren and Associates provides legal council and assistance to those who have been denied entry.

Michael Niren of Niren and Associates ( stated, "If you tried to enter Canada and were refused, we know that it is a very stressful and disrupting experience. If you just think that you may get refused, you do not want to take any chances. It is important when it comes to being refused entry into Canada, you are well prepared to deal with the situation; furthermore, you do have options. Whether you have a criminal record like a DWI or something even more serious, or you have a medical issue, you can still be admitted into Canada if you have the right paperwork. Canadian immigration regulations are strict when it comes to even minor criminal offences, even for offences that occurred many years ago. It is always important to consult with a Canadian immigration lawyer regarding any possibility of refusal or denial of entry to Canada due to criminal offences. Speaking with a lawyer before attempting to immigrate can help to avoid any confusion at the border or airport. A qualified Canadian immigration lawyer can advise you on whether your criminal offence makes you inadmissible to Canada or not."

"Our law firm has over 15 years of experience in handling Canadian immigration denial cases," Niren continued, "In some cases, temporary resident permits, or TRPs, can be issued to people applying for Canadian immigration who are inadmissible due to criminal records or certain medical problems. The duration of a TRP varies depending on the individual circumstances of each case. TRPs can be for a number of months or years and they could be for a single entry to Canada or for multiple entries to Canada. Whatever the case may be, our team of immigration lawyers in Toronto can provide the legal aid necessary to help someone gain admittance to Canada after being denied. We know just how frustrating this can be, and we know the correct steps to take in order to rectify the situation."

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