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Smoketastic is an independent and leading online source for e-cigarette reviews and comparisons. The company meticulously tests and assess top electronic cigarette brands using six integral factors to help people find the best e-cigarette brands in t

Quitting smoking is a real challenge especially for those who have been doing it for years. It requires patience, willpower, and emotional strength to finally break free from the vice. Thankfully, advanced science and technology has granted people options that give them an easier time in terms of getting rid of the bad habit of smoking from their system.

One of the most popular alternatives for smoking at present is e-cigarettes. It is basically like a normal cigar except that it is powered by electricity and does not have the harmful chemicals commonly found in normal tobaccos. Instead of nicotine, an electronic cigarette uses a special liquid to vaporize for its smoke. It is different from other smoking replacements like nicotine patches in a way that they are easier to use for long-time smokers due to their close resemblance to the look, feel, and even 'taste' of real cigarettes.

Being the most commonly used smoking substitute, it is not surprising at all that numerous brands of this product are now sprouting here and there. However, in order for someone to properly start his/her journey to a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle, it is a must for him/her to find the perfect smoking alternative to use. Independent review site is a website that exactly helps people with this dilemma.

The site features a very thorough list of the top ten electronic cigarette brands that they have professionally tried and tested. The company meticulously tests each product and ranks each one through six factors namely vapor, battery, quality, value, price, and customer support.

Each e-cigarette review is also accompanied by an equally detailed electronic cigarette comparison. The factor of vapor, for example, cannot be properly assessed if the product won't be matched with another brand. As for the battery, Smoketastic ranks an e-cigarette depending on whether the battery can last a day or not with constant use. In terms of quality, moreover, the company's e-cigarette review measures the durability of the product by draining the battery completely and retesting it again after not being used for a month.

Value is also a very important factor for Smoketastic. Besides from the sale price of the brand which is assessed by analysing money-back guarantee offers and refunds, the top review site also looks at accessories of the e-cigarette. Last but not the least is the customer support provided by the manufacturer of the product. An online ticket or a live chat for customer service is what makes an e-cigarette brand get the five star e-cigarette review rating from the number one e-cig source.

With its honest reviews, meticulous testing, and detailed comparisons, Smoketastic plays a big role in helping people finally get the healthy lifestyle they want by giving them the perfect start that they need.

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