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Tone Your Body With Liposonix: Revolutionary, Customizable Weight Reduction

Incisions, anesthetic and long-term recovery time is no longer necessary when it comes to body toning and plastic surgery. Medical, ultrasound based advances are changing the world of weight loss as we know it.

New technology has been released in order to help individuals be more and more comfortable with their figure. As many people recognize, sometimes diet and exercise alone do not cut it. Additionally, how many celebrities and models are really doing it all on their own? Time and time again cellulite will still persist and skin does not always elasticize in the way one may hope. Should traditional plastic surgery be the first place people gravitate toward?

Liposonix is a form of plastic surgery yes, but not in the conventional way. It is a non-invasive, short procedure that is a quick cure for those problem areas. Think troublesome belly fat, upper thighs and hips; Liposonix is ideal for firming and perfecting these areas. Regardless of whether an individual is looking to just drop a few pounds or has dedicated hours of their time to transforming their body, Liposonix can add the finishing touches to any look.

Technological advances mean so much to the plastic surgery industry. At one point a similar prescription was prescribed to every individual. This meant that only so much could be done and there were restrictions when it came to customized actions. Now, Liposonix allows Plastic Surgeons to actually measure the depths of fat on an individual! Depending on the patient's wants, needs and desires precise changes can be made while targeting specific areas. All this is accomplished with ultrasound equipment, within as little as an hour, without anesthetic, in a pain-free manner and with no recovery time!

Dr. Jonathan Pontell is one of the top Liposonix Plastic Surgeons in the Philadelphia, PA region. He specializes in non-invasive and ultrasound procedures resulting in real results without the hassle. For more information on Dr. Pontell's practice as well as Liposonix technology visit or call (610) 405- 6303 for a consultation.

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