Thyroid Disorders & Thyroid Cancer The Silent Cancer

Thyroid cancer is one cancer that is steadily increasing especially in women.

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck, which sits just above your collarbone. The Thyroid makes hormones that help the body work normally. There are several types of cancer of the thyroid gland. Contact the doctor to see if your at risk.

Dr. Anna Frisch, MD, PhD is an Endocrinologist from Wellington FL. She has tremendous training and experience diagnosing and treating Thyroid disorders. According to Dr. Frisch, "most people do not even know they are suffering from some type Thyroid dysfunction, and come to many times misdiagnosed."

The common Endocrine exam consists of a physical exam, blood tests, imaging tests, and a biopsy to diagnose thyroid cancer (if clinically indicated). The treatment depends on the type of cancer the patient has and how far the cancer has spread. Many patients receive a combination of treatments. They may include surgery, radioactive iodine, hormone treatment, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or targeted therapy. Targeted therapy uses substances that attack cancer cells without harming normal cells. In my practice I have seen many rare cases such as Insular carcinoma. Insular carcinoma is a little-known thyroid cancer, characterized by the presence of well-defined small uniform cells with frequent areas of tumor necrosis and microfollicles with thyroglobulin. This type of cancer needs to be treated aggressively and watched closely.

It is very important to discuss any concerns and family history with your physician.

Contact Palm Beach Thyroid and Endocrinology Wellness, LLC to see the doctor. The number is 561-303-2800. The office address is located at 12957 Palms West Drive Suite 204 Loxahatchee FL 33470.

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