Things You Should Do For Improving Your Page Ranking

Title and Meta Tags In order to improve your PR, you have to start from the titles of the pages of your website. The titles should be relevant to the content of the pages. If the title does not reflect the theme of the page, you will have a negati

Next, concentrate on the Meta tags of your pages. The descriptions you put in the Meta tags provide the search engines with a summary of the page. Along with the title, this description will be displayed in the results page. Therefore, write attractive and interesting facts about the content in the Meta tag.

URL and Navigation

The URL of your pages should be simple and informative. A generic or automatic URL won't help you in getting higher ranking over your competitors. A simple, easy URL will help the visitors remember your website. An easy URL also generates better crawling from the search engines. Do not forget to provide unique URL for each of your pages. Sharing an URL between multiple pages will confuse the visitors and the search engine.

An easy navigation system is another requirement for getting higher ranking. Organize the pages and posts of your website in a way that the visitors face no difficulty in navigating through your website. A confusing navigation will annoy the visitors and will reduce the chance of their coming back. Prepare two separate sitemaps of your website, the HTML one is for the visitors and the XML one is for the search engines.

Quality Content and Link Building

Providing quality content is a crucial aspect in the PR algorithm. Quality content will be original, helpful, error-free and up-to-date. Before making any content, try to understand what people are looking for. Provide your visitors with what they want and they will come back to you time and again.

Guest post on your competitors websites and on the leading blogs of your niche. Along with creating quality backlinks, this will also direct a significant amount of traffic to your website. Another important factor is to post regularly. Search engines love a gradually built website. Therefore, instead of bombarding your audience with lots of contents, try to add content regularly.

Actually, there are lots of ways to improve your PR. It is not possible to discuss all of them in a single post. Start with the tips provided here and analyze them. Find out which strategy is working best for you and follow that one. Keep in mind that search engines update their algorithms frequently. Keep an eye on the changes and try to accommodate yourself accordingly. Given enough time and dedication, you can get a modest PR for your website too.

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