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They Call Henry Swieca the American Hedge Fund Billionaire

"Henry Swieca began exploring his potential in the financial market when he was just 19. He then got involved with Highbridge Capital Management and Talpion Fund Management. Today, his net worth is over $1.2 billion."

Henry Swieca is one of the richest men on the planet, but that doesn't change the fact that his life has been a constant uphill battle, which started while he was still a teenager. Henry lost both his parents who left no money for him or his younger brother, when he was very young.

Henry took the responsibility for his and his brother's education, and eventually saw to the fruition of both. Henry completed his bachelor's degree from Stony Brook University, before receiving an MBA from Columbia Business School, and at the same time he helped his brother through medical school.

Highbridge Capital Management was Henry's first successful venture. He had a very strong and impressive history before HCM. Henry also worked for Dillon Read as an institutional investor advisor, and at Bank of America's wealth management division, Merrill Lynch. He traded equity index options as one of the founding traders of the New York Futures Exchange.

This is what helped him multiply his initial investment amount in HCM manifold, by the time he left. As a result of his tremendous success, Henry's net worth crossed a billion dollars and he earned the nickname of 'American hedge fund billionaire'.

Today, Henry's main focus is on Talpion Fund Management, a boutique private investment fund based in New York. Given his in depth understanding of hedge funds, and his past success with the same, it is only a matter of time before TFM soars to great heights and becomes another huge successful venture for Henry.

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