The Window Tilt Extension Bracket

The Window Tilt Extension Bracket is easy to install and provides security, safety and energy efficiency.

If you, along with so many others, have wanted a way to secure a tilt-in window and keep it in place, then the problem of these windows falling too far open can be resolved with this new product. The Window Tilt Extension Bracket is a line of adjustable anchors designed specifically to secure a bottom tilt-in window to the stationary window above it. The intent of this design is to provide consumers with a practical accessory for single or double-hung windows that also promotes energy efficiency, safety and security.

It is an elongated unit and can be either flat or tubular with a swivel-operated locking mechanism at either end. It is a new product that will work perfectly for those in apartments, condo's and townhouses as well as in residential homes. It is a safety factory that must be considered appropriate for all users.

The Patent Pending Window Tilt Extension Bracket was invented by Susan Friedman of Carpentersville, IL who said,"This device enables the user to keep the bottom window in a locked and appropriately angled position ensuring air flow is deflected to the ceiling, allowing a more even air distribution in the room. The brackets can be applied and/or removed in just a matter of seconds. They are affordable, long-lasting and—best of all—The Window Tilt Extension Bracket works!

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