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The Star of Jolanest Is Released by L. Ron Hubbard's International Writers of the Future Contest Entrant

Ellen Dawn Benefield, five time "Honorable Mention" in Writers of the Future releases humorous novel

Stories from around the globe arrive at the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest and every quarter there are winners, finalists, semi-finalists and Honorable Mentions. Ellen Dawn Benefield has earned five Honorable Mentions since she started entering several year ago. What sets Ellen apart from most writers is that she is now also releasing books on her own. Her latest book, "The Star of Jolanest" is available now on Amazon and is starting to get good reviews.

As Ellen describes her work, "Much, but not all of my fiction tends to be humorous. All my writing would probably be rated P.G. as I don't write gory and graphic, sorry. Think 'Star Wars', a 'New Hope' or 'Star Trek' or "Hercules-the legendary Journeys.' All of it tends to be laced with humor.

One of her first reviews of the novel comes from author Peter T. Cormack, "From the first pages, the story is fast-paced and intriguing...the novel is a wonderful romp full of fantastical creatures, almost impossible situations, and a sprinkling of dry wit over a mound of slap-stick comedy."

The story line is simple. Jarby is in love. He wants to marry the charming but penniless barmaid who works at his uncle's inn, but his uncle won't tolerate True Love without a matching dowry. So Jarby follows a tattered map to the fabled Star of Jolanest, a lost treasure that will provide all the dowry his beloved barmaid could need.

One of the most known and respected vehicles for supporting new and fledgling authors is the world-acclaimed, free-to-enter global contest called L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future, now in its 31st year. Created by international best-selling author L. Ron Hubbard, the merit-based Writers of the Future Contest was initiated to discover and encourage talented beginning writers of science fiction and fantasy. Quarterly winners of the Contest appear in the best-selling annual anthology, receive cash prizes, and attend an all-expenses paid gala awards ceremony and writing workshop. Ellen is still vying for that opportunity.

If you've been self-publishing and would like to break into the writing field as a traditionally published author, you have a golden opportunity to make it happen.

To learn more, including details on how to enter the contests, visit the website at www.writersofthefuture.com

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