The Road to Bitcoin Is Paved in BitCentavo

BitCentavo is a decentralized CryptoCcurrency designed and launched globally with the Latin American market in mind. It is not controlled by any Central Bank or Government. BitCentavo has the potential to grow exponentially. .

BitCentavo is a decentralized crypto-currency designed just like Bitcoin only 8 times faster. It has been designed and launched to bring awareness to the many benefits of CyptoCurrency for people throughout the world with an emphasis on the Spanish speaking countries of Latin America. CryptoCurrencies are increasing in popularity through the world.

BitCentavo has a SHA-256D Algorythm like BitCoin. That means it will need to be mined virtually with ASIC BitCoin Miners or from the Cloud through contract mining.. The mining units are easily obtained on ebay from under $100 USD up to $10k USD or more depending on your finances. There will be a total amount of 10 Billion Proof of Work coins mined which will take up to 7 years to accomplish. After 7 years, the network will be supported strictly through fees to the miners.

The BitCentavo is a great entry level Coin to get involved with. Regardless if you are a skilled professional mine, trader or just a beginner. BitCentavo is available in a large number of Latin American countries that still remain out of reach for most payment systems due to their own limitations.

BitCentavo could also play a role in reducing poverty in many Latin American countries by cutting high transaction fees on workers' salary. CryptoCurrencies can be traded on the exchanges for Bitcoin which can process payments in exchange for goods and services. Such payments will become routine one day very soon.

CryptoCurrencies by nature are highly decentralized, Most are designed just like Bitcoin. They are capable of handling millions of dollars in trades without requiring military protection.

In order to get started download a BitCentavo wallet from the website and start filling it up. BitCentavos will be available soon on the CryptoCurrency exchanges for trade or purchase along with private sales on places like ebay.

The road to Bitcoin is paved with BitCentavo's.

BitCentavo is strictly for entertainment and educational purposes. It is not real money and we do not claim it to be. We request that you seek out the laws in your jurisdiction relative to Cryptocurrencies in general along with others services that can be related to them. This terms of Use and Disclaimer waves all parties involved in Development, the Official BitCentavo Website, its content or images or anything else relative to liability or legal action brought on by any individual or groups of individuals from any and all Civil or Criminal lawsuits or prosecution. BitCentavo is licensed by MIT License and open Source Initiative, Fair Use Act and Creative Commons Licensing.

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