The Real Sammy Davis Jr. Story Script Completed

Producer Rick Appling retains script writer Lakenya Campbell to bring the story of the worlds greatest entertainer to life.

The epic tale of the world's greatest entertainer is now one huge step closer to being shared with the world. Film producer Rick Appling has retained screen writer Lakenya Campbell who has just completed the full script for this riveting motion picture. The Real Sammy Davis Jr. Story script as written by Lakenya Campbell divulges a personal and heartfelt portrayal of Sammy based on his daughter Tracey Davis and the account of the things her father told her and her New York Times Best Selling novel "Sammy Davis Jr. My Father". In the script Lakenya Campbell was able to effortlessly capture the components that allowed Sammy's legacy to be synonymous with international acclaim, class and a renowned respect that could only be garnered by the world's greatest entertainer.

Producer Rick Appling has been working diligently to ensure the delivery of an authentic and passionate portrayal of the story behind the man who was so much more then a singer, a dancer or an actor; but of a man who retained international celebrity that untied the barriers of race in a time when race alone defined limitations, exclusivity and success, that of which allowed him to go on to become one of the worlds greatest entertainers.

When Producer Rick Appling was asked what made him choose Lakenya Campbell to write the script he stated "I selected the writer of this magnificent script by following with the tradition and spirit of Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy would often provide the opportunity to a Hollywood newcomer based on their passion, commitment, dedication and true ability. I chose my writer utilizing that formula as a tribute to keeping with the tradition of Sammy's legacy; this in itself becomes part of the story".

Plans for production of the film are in process. It will encompass a powerful soundtrack with producer Rio Appling and a song that has already been written by actress Sharon Stone and Kofi.

Appling is currently searching for a Director for the film who will be able to capture the very essence of Sammy and all of the facets that he became so respected for as one of the worlds greatest entertainers!


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