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The Powerful Recovery: How Yoga Practice Helps Aurorae Owner Recover From Major Back Surgery

Read about how Aurorae owner used yoga as a way to prepare for and heal after a major back surgery.

Yoga is a lifelong practice that has many benefits; these benefits are evident from Aurorae founder Dennis Ingui's story. He started a yoga practice over 13 years ago as a way to heal his body and mind while recovering from cancer. His body and mind did heal, but the benefits of his yoga practice expanded beyond his recovery. Most recently, his yoga practice helped him prepare for other medical issues.

On Monday, April 28, he underwent spinal fusion surgery to correct a deformed lumbar. This type of back surgery is fairly serious and requires a recovery period like many other surgeries. Finding a comfortable place to even just be still was going to be a challenge post-op.

Leading up to his surgery, he continued his daily yoga practice and strengthening exercises. He practiced his core exercises while watching TV at night to build up his back and core muscles he knew he would need to be strong after his spinal fusion.

His Yoga Synthesis practice was very core intensive with many planks, downward dogs, balancing poses, and hip and shoulder releases. He focused on this, keeping in the back of his head how important all of it would be in aiding his recovery after surgery. He made a commitment to his body; he was having a surgery that would improve his quality of life and he would prepare beforehand to ensure that his recovery would be the best it could be.

Immediately after he was discharged from the hospital after surgery, he scheduled regular aromatherapy massages. He found that the massaging and essential oil aromatherapy helped him relax and accelerated his weaning off the pain medication.

For days, he couldn't find a comfortable position, whether it was sitting or lying down. He could not lie on the floor, so he called for his wife to bring his Aurorae Synergy mat to me. He immediately felt a connection as his comfort level lying on his mat was higher than anywhere else.

About two weeks after his surgery, he was already walking without a cane or walker. These miracles are not really miracles at all, but rather a result of preparation and natural strengthening. At this rate, Dennis, at 61 years old after a major back surgery, will surely be driving his car within weeks, enjoy a full season of boating this summer, and will be on the Vermont slopes skiing with his sons this winter.

Dennis says, "If seeing is believing, then I don't need to see anymore to believe. It is now my mission, whether through Aurorae or through just my every day interactions with people, to show anyone how beneficial strengthening through yoga practice can be to a post-surgery recovery."

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