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The Out of Step Tool Expands Support for Athletes and Animal Owners

Changes to bring greater economic opportunities for all with disabilities.

The Out of Step Tool ( starts 2014 with a growing presence for athletes and animals, furthering its mission to build a broad-reaching economic platform for all with disabilities.

Athletes with disabilities now have a one-stop destination for sponsorship, teams and training opportunities. Likewise, owners of animals with disabilities will find support and services for every member of the animal kingdom. The new category also includes listings for service and therapy animals.

"We received repeated requests for tailored outlets from both athletes and animal owners, and are thrilled to add these passionate, inspiring groups to The Out of Step Tool family," said Nikki Zimmerman, founder and CEO of The Out of Step Tool.

Along with athletes and animals, the full group of categories includes products and services by people with disabilities as well as resources for the disability community.

New Businesses for People with Disabilities

Since its launch in May 2013, The Out of Step Tool has encouraged development of more than 400 profiles in a variety of categories by new members (people with disabilities) - from artists to public speakers and small town newspapers to web development. In addition, our members can indicate their status as a disabled veteran and we display their profiles in our veterans category.

Inspired by the new tool, members with disabilities are creating connections and marketing their services - some for the first time ever. The recently launched weekly TOOST Radio program also highlights the work and abilities of members.

"With this new sense of purpose, we're witnessing a great burst of confidence from many of our members," said Zimmerman.

In 2014, look for a greater variety of members, more support for products and other exciting developments. The Out of Step Tool will continue to be strongly devoted to bringing positive social and economic change for people with disabilities.

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