The Orthopaedic Group in New Haven, CT Reduces Surgical Scheduling Time by 75% with SurgiMate ESRM

SurgiMate transforms workflow at The Orthopaedic Group in New Haven, CT

SurgiMate, the market leader in surgical management solutions, has enabled The Orthopaedic Group (TOG) in New Haven, Connecticut to drastically reduce time spent on surgical scheduling by 75% with SurgiMate ESRM.

TOG is a high volume practice and is recognized as one of the nation's outstanding resources for musculoskeletal care. Collectively, the seven surgeons at TOG perform approximately 250 surgeries per month, generating a considerable amount of paperwork. "We use 85 different forms across the 5 facilities our surgeons operate at," said Theresa Fischman, surgical scheduler. "On average, we need 10-12 forms per surgical case." With the high volume of surgeries at TOG, this amounts to over 2700 pages of forms each month.

"SurgiMate ESRM automated all of our paperwork," said Wendie Hames, Clinical Operations Manager at TOG. "Today the schedulers do not need to hand write any of those forms. This is a tremendous transformation for our entire practice!"

"With SurgiMate ESRM, scheduling a surgical case takes us 25% of the time that it used to," exclaimed Fischman. "It now takes me 10 minutes to schedule a case compared to a minimum of 40 minutes prior to having SurgiMate ESRM."

With the drastic reduction in scheduling time, the surgical schedulers at TOG now spend more time communicating with patients and generating new revenue.

"When my surgeon is out of the office, I no longer need the time to catch-up," explained Fischman. "Instead, I use that time to run reports and do some analysis on patients who have not yet scheduled surgery or have not decided on whether they would like to have surgery. I then follow up with these patients and get them on the schedule."

"We are thrilled that SurgiMate has made such a significant impact at TOG in such a short time-frame," said Sari Nossbaum of SurgiMate. "The staff at TOG were very enthusiastic from day one and their commitment to this project has made it a tremendous success."

"We are extremely happy with SurgiMate," said Hames, "it has really changed the way we do everything. We are more efficient and our patient care has improved considerably."


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