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The New Website of Ferriera Sarda Wrought Iron Is on Line

The new website of the italian company specialized in the creation of handmade artistic wrought iron products is now on line. Each product is a unique piece that cannot be reproduced with the same features.

The new website of Ferriera Sarda, the italian company specialized in the making of artistic wrought iron creations, is now on line. Third generation of a family business, Ferriera Sarda has been able to establish itself as one of the most sought after suppliers of artistic wrought iron products for interior design and outdoor. The artisan of wrought iron is a skilled blacksmith that mixes Medieval techniques with contemporary lines to obtain impressive works of art.

The new website Wroughtironinteriors.net has been realized to give anyone the chance to purchase genuine italian handmade wrought iron products through the on line shop as well as to present the made to order service. Through the on line shop clients can order the ornamental wrought iron products realized that the company delivers worldwide. Inside the on line shop are a lot of different products such as wrought iron applique, bookstands, ashtrays, sculptures, candle-holder, towel racks and many others.

Each wrought iron creation projected by the artistic wrought iron designer of Ferriera Sarda is not replicable. Being entirely handmade, there is no possibility that two articles may be the same. They can be similar, but never the same. The small differences and imperfections are in fact the proof of the manual labour that is the real essence of each Ferriera Sarda product.

The made to order service is referred to architects and clients who wish to realize artistic wrought iron works according to their wishes. In the photo gallery are a lot of works that Ferriera Sarda has produced according to the projects of its customers over the years. As previously said, the artistic wrought iron design that characterizes the articles of Ferriera Sarda is a perfect combination of ancient metal working techniques and contemporary lines. A combination of opposites that turn into breathtaking and timeless objects.

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